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I've updated the site to version
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>From Bill Feidt <wfeidt at>  Fri Nov 10 13:47:49 1995
From: Bill Feidt <wfeidt at> (Bill Feidt)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 08:47:49 -0500
Subject: FT1000 IM (was AA5B CW SS '95)
Message-ID: <199511101347.IAA19694 at>

Yes, I experienced the same thing on 40 meters during CW
SS with my FT1000.  Running at IPO level cleared it up
for me.  Didn't see it on the other bands. Antenna here
is kinda puny though: Half-length G5RV, low.

wfeidt at

At 08:40 PM 11/9/95 -0500, Jeff  KR0Y wrote:
>I have been using a second hand FT1000 for about 2 
>years now. On day to day operation it is fine. But in
>a [CW] contest with many strong signals I notice the
>same thing you did; have to run in IPO or 6dB mode.
>You said something "let go" on Sunday. I'll be interested
>to see if you find something is actually wrong ? Anyone 
>else with a FT1000 notice the same ? I assume changing
>diodes in the front end from stock to PIN will help this.
>Anyone know which diodes to replace, and what M/A-COM
>part to replace them with ? I have a source for them .......

>From ea4dx at (EA4DX)  Fri Nov 10 18:33:00 1995
From: ea4dx at (EA4DX) (EA4DX)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 12:33:00 -600
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Date: 10 Nov 1995 12:33:24
Organization: ABAFORUM / E-08190 Sant Cugat, Barcelona / 34-3-589.3888
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>From John Guida" <nj1v at  Fri Nov 10 08:12:23 1995
From: John Guida" <nj1v at (John Guida)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 08:12:23 +0000
Subject: Need some help
Message-ID: <199511101414.IAA21808 at>


When we recently purchased our new home in Hempstead, TX last month, 
the seller asked if he could leave some stuff in the well house that 
I might be able to use, or dispose of at will. I agreed. Some stuff 
was junk, some pretty good...BUT....he left a Tektronix 564B 

It looks to be in pretty decent shape! Of manual!

So, I thought it might be a nice addition to my CONTEST station, if I 
can get it working. Would appreciate if anyone can let me know where 
I can purchase (or borrow to copy) a Tektronix 564B manual.

When we moved into our new home in Hempstead TX last month, I found 
that the previous owner had 
CUL es 73.............................."victor"

John Guida NJ1V
nj1v at

>From Danley, Tad" <Tad.Danley at  Fri Nov 10 14:19:00 1995
From: Danley, Tad" <Tad.Danley at (Danley, Tad)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 09:19:00 EST
Subject: FW: SS and new college club
Message-ID: <30A35F65 at alcnwgw1>

WHAT A NEAT IDEA!  This is where the future contesters are, and we should do 
everything we can to encourage them.  There must be lots of high school ham 
club stations that sit idle during contests.  How about an informal 
challenge, within a contest, between teenagers and/or high school stations? 
 I bet these guys and girls will have a blast!

73, Tad, NZ3I

Forwarded message follows...

From: reisert
To: ct-user
Subject: SS and new college club
Date: Thursday, November 09, 1995 4:40PM


In order to be eligible to compete in the second annual Collegiate contest
to be held during the ARRL sweepstakes, Allan Cameron, Ph.D., N7UJJ, OM, ET2
and other pompus sounding initials,  declares that our school does, in fact,
meet several definitions of a college,

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1973 (Sure its old, but it stll works)
   2: a building used for an educational or religious purpose;
   3b: a preparatory or high school;
   3e: an institution offering instruction usu. in  a professional,
vocational, or technical field.

Thus we declare ourselves a college:
    Carl Hayden Community High School & College

Now that we are a college, our students will be spending the weekend at
school to participate in the SS phone contest, at our club station, KC7KFF,
in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  We may be an inner city public school, but
I'll bet we are the higest scoring college in the southwest!  I know we can
beat Arizona State University!

Our amateur radio club president, sixteen year old James McDonald, KC7EFP
(an extra class, yet), and a few others who have participated in contests
before (school roundup, field day) will be joined by new students in our
club.(potentisl new contesters).  We will have two stations set up (only one
on the air at a time) and a computer network with CT and extra kids as
"spotters".  Although no beer will be consumed, we expect to consume a large
number of pizzas, Mountain Dew, and have a ball.  We also will do our best
to outscore all the other colleges and universities.

BTW we have a web page:
You might be interested not only in our ham club (an ARRL Special Service
club), but our computer science department, and our electric race car
program that is displayed on the home page.

We will be listening for ya
 "CQ test CQ test Kilo Charlie Seven Kilo Fox Fox.."

     * Allan Cameron, N7UJJ               *
     * Carl Hayden Community High School  *
     * Phoenix, Arizona 85009             *
     * (602)271-2413 Fax(602)271-2469     *
     *  acameron at               *

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