Contest related Video Wanted for annual crazy meeting

Takao KUMAGAI je1cka at
Tue Nov 14 19:36:30 EST 1995

To all contesters;

We JA contesters will meet annually in mid december in Tokyo.
The last year we had over 60 crazy contesters here. And I am 
the coordinator of the Annual Crazy Contesters Night again.

I'd like to show any contest related videos or slides in the 
meeting. So if you have any items to attract ja contesters, would 
you drop me an email directly? I have KH0AM videos(edited and 
non-edited through '90~95) to exchange if you want.

If you have any opportunity to be in Tokyo at Nov 17 Saturday 
evening, why don't you join us? You'll be able to meet well-known 
JA contesers there(maybe..).

Date: 	Nov. 17 '95
Reception: 18JST
Start:	19JST
End: 	09JST of Nov 18
Place: 	Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo(near Tokyo Univ)
more info from je1cka at

Tack Kumagai, JE1CKA/KH0AM

>From Bob Harrison (G4UJS)" <bobg4ujs at  Tue Nov 14 10:52:46 1995
From: Bob Harrison (G4UJS)" <bobg4ujs at (Bob Harrison (G4UJS))
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 10:52:46 GMT
Subject: Big Amlifier For Sale
Message-ID: <199511141052.KAA01149 at>

                     FOR SALE - BIG AMPLIFIER
 Almost completed amplifier for sale ....... I have seen 1.5Kw PEP 
 output for 85 watts input (no sign of grid current!).
 The  amplifier and Power supply are housed in a single  19"  rack 
 (Ex  Marconi)  that  has been  recently  resprayed.  The  overall 
 external dimensions are 21"(W) x 20"(H) x 18"(D).
           Valve               - Eimac 5CX1500A
           Roller Coaster      - with turns counter
           Capacitors          - with slow motion drive
           Vacuum relay        - on output
           Full metering       - Anode Current
                               - Anode Voltage
                               - Screen Current
                               - Screen Voltage
                               - Grid Current
                               - Grid Voltage
                               - RF input power
                               - Forward power
                               - Reflected Power
           Substantial PSU     - Choke input, HT Transformer &
                                 Choke each weigh 56kgs! Ex Pye
                                 SSB HF Transmitter (manual
                               - Soft start circuitry
                               - 5 minute interlocked startup
 73 de Bob G4UJS
 PacketCluster:      G4UJS > GB7MDX
 AX25 BBS:           G4UJS @ GB7SAM.#28.GBR.EU
 Email:              bobg4ujs at
 Post Office:        Green Lane House, Whixall, Shropshire, SY13 2PT, UK.
 Telephone - Home:   01948 880392
           - Office: 01270 613225
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>From Bob Harrison (G4UJS)" <bobg4ujs at  Tue Nov 14 10:52:49 1995
From: Bob Harrison (G4UJS)" <bobg4ujs at (Bob Harrison (G4UJS))
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 10:52:49 GMT
Subject: Combining 2 amplifiers?
Message-ID: <199511141052.KAA01152 at>

                 Combining the Output of 2 amplifiers
 Has  any one got any experience (silly question really) of combining
 the output of 2 (similar) amplifiers at HF?

 Ideally I want to construct something that would work form Top band
 through to Ten.

 Any ideas please.

 73 de Bob G4UJS
 PacketCluster:      G4UJS > GB7MDX
 AX25 BBS:           G4UJS @ GB7SAM.#28.GBR.EU
 Email:              bobg4ujs at
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>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at>  Tue Nov 14 11:58:05 1995
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 20:58:05 +0900
Subject: CQ WW PH @ KH0AM
Message-ID: <199511141158.UAA01196 at>

I do not have the data disk of KH0AM so can not report the score 
now but in 10days or so.

Here are the Highlights and bad things at Saipan Diamond hotel.
(Those comments are just my memories only and not so accurate)

1st group arrived at Saipan Airport on Wednesday(Oct. 25) evening 
and no work on that evening. 2nd group arrived on Thur afternoon.
Started assemble the towers and antennas on the roof top of the 
hotel. Sunny and bit windy. Poor instruction/records of antennas 
from the last year, we had the incorrect antenna assemble. We had 
to re-assemble the 10/15/20m 4elements yagis. wasted lots of hours 
and lots of complaints from members... yes it's my fault

By friday lunch, 20/15/10m yagis were up. But 20m did not work at 
all. Anyhow we took the lunch but strong rain and wind suddenly hit 
the area. We expected to be clear up soon but it became stronger 
when we finished lunch. But we had not much hours so I decided to 
continue the antenna work in the rain+wind. Shige JH1GTV/N1SID wore 
swimsuit with Tshirt for the work in the rain, cool. But I did not 
have swimsuit. he and 2other members had been assembling the 2ele 
40m yagi and I started to check the 20m yagi. The spacing seemd to 
be very funny and found the spacing was incorrect. What I did was;
loose the boom/mast clamp then slide the boom toward the in-correctly 
attached 1st director (so the yagi is very un-balanced and the boom/
mast clamp was loosed). 
Gee, had a strong wind and I could not keep the elements in 
horizontally. The strong wind rotated the boom and the elements were 
in vertical position. This caused more wind surface and I was in panic 
but no one was on the rooftop at that time. 
**All antenna works should be done by at least TWO **
I had to wait for a few minutes at that position untile the wind went 
weak. I called "help!" but it lost in the strong wind/rain....
Fortunately, AH0K showed up and the wind went down so the things fixed.
We had to stay for some tens of minutes in the hot bus-tub after the 

Contest will start at 10am on Saturday morning in Saipan. So low bands 
ops continued the work for 40-2el, 75-rotary dipole. High bands ops were 
in position to check the bands, computer logging etc.

10m:May KH0BA(yl) runs JAs but condition not so favorable yet.
I guess YL voice boost our sig 3dB or more. She is a good contester 
indeed. We had another YL weapon past years JE7BIZ/AH0AK also on 10m 
but she could not join in this year.

15m:Kenny AH0K and JR1EFG/KU0Q run TS690+Alpha 78. Constant openings 
and best rate on 5bands.

20m:Dee KI7QD/JA1WSX and JE2PCY run FT1000MP(TKS to Yaesu for the rent)
+JRL2000. MP worked pretty nice and EDSP had great value for them.
Not so good many multis..

40m:KH0A/JF1MIA and AH0T/JA6VZB teamed up. Had a bad static noise S9+
on Sunday evening (09-11z), so could not copy any callers this period.

75m:KH0AM/JE1CKA Unbelevable opening on Saturday night I'd never 
experienced. Yes, I'm a Key-man and haven't been on PH contest for a 
while. TS930+Alpha76+Rotary Dipole(CD-78) did a great job. The endless 
pileup from Eu started 16utc. I was on 3810 and listened 3675~3685. 
Some hundreds stns called. But they were not too strong. It was nearly 
impossible to copy hundreds of weak sig on same freq. I tried to spread 
out them or call by district etc but the rate was poor. If I had more 
efficient receiving antennas, I would add a few hundreds more qsos...

We welcome anybody for future KH0AM operation. So if you wish to 
join us, start to plan now for the next CQ WW.
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at

>From Bob Patten <z002816b at>  Tue Nov 14 12:44:16 1995
From: Bob Patten <z002816b at> (Bob Patten)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 07:44:16 -0500 (EST)
Subject: PREC?
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9511140705.A12924-0100000 at>

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995 JPontek at wrote:

> I have found that the "PWR?" works the best. It is not get PREC/SEC
> confusion. If the chap tells you his actual power, you will know. It has
> worked the best in the past for me.
Tnx Joe, That is the suggestion I will definitely try next SS - as 
opposed to the several who suggested to not worry about it and accept the 
"A" default that CT & NA put in...

>From WEDGE, STEPHEN" <SWEDGE at  Tue Nov 14 15:54:00 1995
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 95 07:54:00 PST
Subject: More SB-200 Info + SB-220 stuff, too!
Message-ID: <30A8BBEC at>

I thought that I'd seen some info in a recent QST for SB-200 parts- here it 

Harbach Electronics makes updated power supply kits, low-voltage keying 
circuits and fan replacements for the SB-200.  They cost $95, $14 and $28, 

They also make quite a few items for the SB-220 and also stock new meters 
that are a little different from stock but are scaled exactly the same. 
 I've used some of their SB-220 stuff and it is well-made.  The power supply 
board is particularly worthwhile as it addresses at least two shortcomings 
of the original design:  drifting voltage divider resistors in the voltmeter 
and an economical bias source (by using a stack of heavy-duty silicon diodes 
to get the 5V).  All boards are G-10 material.

Contact Allen Harbach, WA4DRU; Harbach Electronics; 2318 S. Country Club 
Rd.; Melbourne, Fla.  32901.

 --- Steve, KT1O>>

>From Mayer, Eliot" <emayer at  Mon Nov 13 22:49:00 1995
From: Mayer, Eliot" <emayer at (Mayer, Eliot)
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 95 17:49:00 EST
Subject: Too Much Mail!
Message-ID: <30A8A16C at cda>


>From Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>  Tue Nov 14 14:07:32 1995
From: Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> (Trey Garlough)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 1995 06:07:32 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Big Amlifier For Sale
Message-ID: <816358052.508533.GARLOUGH at TGV.COM>

>                      FOR SALE - BIG AMPLIFIER

Please do *not* post for-sale type messages to the CQ-Contest 
mailing list.  This is explicitly prohibited here.  This type
of traffic should be directed via the normal for-sale channels,
such as or your local packet radio

--Trey, WN4KKN/6

>From Mayer, Eliot" <emayer at  Tue Nov 14 14:47:00 1995
From: Mayer, Eliot" <emayer at (Mayer, Eliot)
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 95 09:47:00 EST
Subject: There's No Way Out Of Here
Message-ID: <30A8B914 at cda>

Please help.

Despite getting some good info that I was seeking
about SS scores, and meeting some nice hams in
the process, I'm overwhelmed by the volume of
mail on this list and am trying to get off the
list.  I thought I was following the directions
by sending the following message:


But that apparently didn't work.

How do I get out of here?

Thanks & 73,
Eliot, W1MJ
emayer at

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