The FCC Changed My Call Back!!!!!!

Tue Nov 14 22:23:33 EST 1995

Thanks for all the resposes from my original message, it was overwhelming.
The really big thanks though goes out to Tom K1KI, John KJ4KB, and Bart
It is really nice to know there are some really great hams amoung the ranks. 
Now, to fill the rest of you in so you don't have to go through what I did!!!

Here is what I have learned:

1. 4E on the new 610 forms is very close to 4D. (4E is the I want to change
my call box and 4D is the change of address) 4E also has a place for you to
inital when you change your call. ( Don't inital anything if you are just
renewing or changing your address!!!)

2. Keep a copy of your 610 form!!!!! After being a VE for the ARRL for 10
years the one form that I screw up was my own!!!! Also, If they make a
mistake you can prove what you had on the form. 

I guess this chapter will go down as the day I almost lost KS9O.

Thanks everybody for the help.
Kevin KS9O

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