TS-930 and 2nd Antenna

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Thu Nov 16 11:11:27 EST 1995

>In case anyone has been inspired by my question about using a separate
>receive antenna with the TS-930s, be forewarned:


>However, the 8-pin DIN plug that mates with this jack is
>apparently NOT the same as the Radio Shack 8-pin DIN.  

For informational purposes, I ran into a similar problem with my FT-1000d
when I attempted to plug my Top-10 Devices switcjing box into the
"band-data" port on the back of the radio. Apparently, this is the same
type of 8 pin plug that Pete is talking about.  Yaesu will gladly sell
them to you for about 1.50 apiece, and I bought a handful. It is so nice
to have so many "standards" to choose from!!

73, J.P.

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It's not a bug...It's a feature!

>From aa6tt at frontier.net (William H. Hein)  Thu Nov 16 16:15:17 1995
From: aa6tt at frontier.net (William H. Hein) (William H. Hein)
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 09:15:17 -0700
Subject: DSS QRM
Message-ID: <v02110104acd0bd0229f1@[]>

Thanks to all who sent me information regarding the RCA and Sony DSS
receivers.  It looks like N2IC/0 is the only person suffering from 160m QRM
which is linked to a DSS receiver (in Steve's case, an RCA unit).

I purchased and installed a Sony DSS system yesterday.  It works great (I
live in an area with no local broadcast or cable TV, so satellite TV is a
Godsend) and I have not noticed any 160m QRM.  I was having trouble finding
the DSS satellite in the sky until I realized the Sony installation guide
uses magnetic, not true north--I've spent too much time aligning ham

An OSCAR satellite in geosynchronous orbit which could use these fixed 18"
dishes sure would be fun.  However, I heard such satellites cost around a
billion dollars each!

Bill AA6TT

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