Plug config. for ETO 91B?

KY2T at KY2T at
Sat Nov 18 16:12:12 EST 1995

> > I need to hear from some of you who own the ETO 91B concerning the plug
>   > configuration so I can inform my Electrician.  Is it The "crow foot"
>   > configuration? Tnx, Mike   KK5EP

The instruction manual will say what the power requirement is.  
220V 15A or maybe 220V 20A.  I'm sure there are more than
one or two different types of plugs, but when I switched my
SB-200 to 220V, I used a 15A plug.  The prongs where BOTH
horizontal.  WHen I got the Titan, the manual says: 220V 20A.
So I had to switch the female recepticle on the outlet box to
a 20A plug.  The one I am using has the left prong horizontal
and the right prong vertical.  I forget from which way to be looking
at it, but I'm sure the male plug on the power supply mains 
cable says (220V 20A).  

Tom KY2T (FRC)

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