TS-930 and 2nd Antenna

KY2T at aol.com KY2T at aol.com
Sat Nov 18 18:18:56 EST 1995

>The commonly available 8-pin DIN plug has a keyway that is said to be a
>different size than that on the jack on the TS-930, 430 and 440.  It is
>reportedly quite easy to break the socket if you try to plug in the generic
>plug, and a real bear to replace. 

That is correct.  The pins of the radio smack DIN plug are bigger too.  
Makes you stop and ask, 'If it's a 'standard' DIN plug, then WHY 
won't a STANDARD DIN plug fit ?!?'  BTW, I think Yaesu also
uses the same 'standard.'

Tom KY2T (FRC)

>From Kenneth Poulsen (OZ1BIZ)" <poulsen at inet.uni-c.dk  Sun Nov 19 00:33:36 1995
From: Kenneth Poulsen (OZ1BIZ)" <poulsen at inet.uni-c.dk (Kenneth Poulsen (OZ1BIZ))
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 1995 00:33:36 +-100
Subject: Too Much Mail on Reflector..........
Message-ID: <01BAB616.CEA89380 at lgbppp43.uni-c.dk>

HI guys !

Thanks fer all the info, corrections and minor flames.

I think I even got wiser, but since my intention was to debate the =
amount of mail on this reflector, it shall be my hope that we cut it =
right here, saving the bandwidth for more relevant issues.

73, es still hpe to work you all in CQWW-CW from OZ5WQ !


>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Sun Nov 19 04:51:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 95 23:51 EST
Subject: KP2N QSO
Message-ID: <14951119045141/0006492564PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

I may have missed him in CW SS...FL is just too close to KP2 on 15
meters....but I did meet KP2N today at the Tampa ARRL Convention.

I told him my tail of woe about missing him two weekends ago, and
how many others had been lucky to snag him....at this point WC4E
wandered over and added his no-VI (and no mug) crocodile tears. I
told him how much his appearance was a boon to a lot of the guys
here on the contest reflector. It was the "PIN" program that got
him on, and has been getting him on in SS. Good work HQ, maybe
KP2N deserves a special PIN this year!

After hearing his tail of woe, including how it may be the better
part of a year before he has commercial power again (!), I felt a
little dumb crying about how I'd missed him (and VI) in SS. He
knew that he was probably the only guy on during SS and stayed on
exactly the same frequency the whole time he operated, to maximize
the effectiveness of packet spots of him. 

I love SS, but after hearing his tales of hurricane destruction I
dunno whether I would have been able to fire up the rig and
GENERATOR for a few hundred QSOs...then again, maybe he loves
contesting too - and the thrill of running guys for a few hours
took him away from the harsh realities of the hurricane for just a
little while.

See everyone next weekend in the CQWWCW from the W1CW
mini-multi-multi....back to reading my e-mail, I left the
comnputer at W1CW's after SSCW two weeks ago and there are 700

                        Jim   zx               k1zx at mcimail.com

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