Buried coax

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Mon Nov 20 12:59:19 EST 1995

I have not been following this thread at all, but I just happened to 
noticed someone else's posting wherein a Ditch Witch machine was 

Factual comment: 

I have been retained as an expert on a case where a Ditch Witch machine,
operated by professionals, drilled a hole in a gas line. No one was
killed in the ensuing explosion, but two houses were completely
demolished and others sustained considerable damage. 

End of comment.

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"Palindor Chronicles" information and extracts:

>From Ron Marosko, Jr." <rmarosko at bcm.tmc.edu  Mon Nov 20 21:19:45 1995
From: Ron Marosko, Jr." <rmarosko at bcm.tmc.edu (Ron Marosko, Jr.)
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:19:45 -0600
Subject: SS Phone - Also ran. :)
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One for the also-ran stacks.

Call:           KK5DK/Mobile
Class:          A
Section:        STX
Score:          128
Q's:            8
Multi's:        8
Hours:          0.75 (45 minutes)

Rig:            Icom IC-706
Antenna:        Hustler 75m vertical
Category:       S/O Low Power, Unassisted.
Team/Club:      The Also-Ran Group
Log Submission: No way. 

Comments: Yeah. Mobile. 75m only. 2:45amCST. Who else would be crazy
enough to be running 75m at 2:45am? My thanks to the 8 guys who took 
the time to pull me out of the noise. Ya'll were really loud. Kept me awake
all the way home from work. Thanks again!

    Ron KK5DK
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