AB6FO Phone SS Results

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Nov 20 18:19:12 EST 1995

AB6FO, Single Op High Power, Los Angeles, 24 hours.

 80    149    -
 40    383    -
 20    800    -
 15    199    -
 10      1    -
ALL   1532   77
  SS Score: 235,928

Today my throat is telling me why I like CW contests better. I should have
used the DVP more, but I didn't want to slow down and during my best hour,
an alltime personal SS best of 133, my voice started to go, and it was only
the third hour of the contest.

It is also easier to do the two radio thing on CW.

I'm certainly not competitive with the top guys on phone, but did beat
my last year's score by 9%. If I keep that up I'll be competitive in 5 years.

My only frequency fight was one of the highlights. I have a good run going
for about 1/2 hour on the low end of 20. Propagation changes. I hear a WWA
station calling CQ. He tells me the frequency is in use. I tell him, "Yeah,
by me!" He says he has been there a while. I say "I've been here a while
too." We both start the F1 CQ message wars. I work a few guys through his
QRM. I need many fills. We both hit F1 a few times in a row. He tells me "I
can do this just like you can" I tell him, "Yeah, but I'm louder than you!"
I work another guy. He moves.

This was my easiest sweep. I heard Gitmo in KG4 (counts as VI) warming up on
15 before the contest so VI was easy. Got VY1YA on the first call, 14225
just where Bruce, AA6KX, the op, said he would be. But, Bruce, you weren't
working split like you said!!! Bruce tells me "See, I'm working SCCC guys
this year." (I caused a flame war last year when I reported someone asked if
I was in NCCC and then wouldn't work me when I said SCCC.) I was down to
needing ORG! (the closest section to me) and KP4 by 0300. Every other
section called in. I found KP4 early Sunday morning. It was even too early
to do my Sweep broom dance for the kids cause I didn't want to wake them up.


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