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> on 3880 .... snip

They were having a jam session, obviously....

>From M. Curran" <curran at howard.genetics.utah.edu  Tue Nov 21 00:19:32 1995
From: M. Curran" <curran at howard.genetics.utah.edu (M. Curran)
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 17:19:32 -0700 (MST)
Subject: KI7WX SS Score and Story
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.951120161834.28323C-100000 at howard>

Call: 	KI7WX
Sec:	Utah
Class:  SO, High Power, Unassisted

QSOs:	1521 after duping
Claimed Score = 234234

Here's the breakdown:

160   80   40   20   15   10
 1    236  232  984  66   0

Here's $0.02:

Many thanks to Al (K6XO) for making the station 
available to me again.  Nice weather this year too...

This is my best effort to date, but was not without some difficulties and 
mistakes.  Got off to a great start with 273 Q's in the first 3 hours 
before 20 went dead.  The rest of saturday was a stressfull period 
listening to lots of noise and never getting any solid runs.  Completing 
the sweep at ~1900 by working Arnie (N6HC) perked me up a bit before I took
a sleep break.  Sunday went very well with about 6 hours over 90 Q/hr on 
20M. Made a big error by getting closed out of my run freq around 2100z
and decided to give 15M a shot.  Had a 60 hr, but looking back at the rate
chart it was sandwiched between four 100 hours on 20M  Whoops .... .. 
Made the switch to 40 and 80 for the last three hours and was rewarded with
good conditions and about 200 Q's to finish the event.  Goal was 1500 Q's
need to set that higher next time.

Single sections were NWT and PR. 6 SF QSOs. Piles of NE, WY, VE4, VE1 
and great activity from ND and SD. VY1JA, right on 14.225 as promised.
NP2E and KP4VA called in on 20M early saturday.  Thanks guys! 



Mark E. Curran Ph.D.  KI7WX          
Curran at Howard.Genetics.Utah.Edu     

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