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Tue Nov 21 13:08:43 EST 1995

                 ARRL PHONE SWEEPSTAKES 1995




SENT:   # A de W2CRS 55 CO

      BAND          QSOs            ANTENNA

       160               38                FW LOOP

         75              150                Hytower

         40               267               Hytower

          20               632               KT-34XA at 41'

          15               369               KT-34XA

           10                  1               KT-34XA

       TOTALS        1457              77  mults =      224,378

After buying a used FT-1000, I thought I would try low power this year after
4th place QRP 1993 and 3rd place 1994.  What a difference!  I had almost no
runs and barely used my audio keyer operating QRP. This year at just under
150 watts, I ran about 95% of Qs and used the keyer for CQing.  I thought the
competition in A category might be a lot tougher than QRP, but apparently it
was not.  

Using an omni directional antenna on 40/75 was frustrating. Most contacts
with east coast were a struggle.  Definitely need to improve that for next

Best Q-rate was 100 on 15M the first hour.  I was very tired the last 4 hours
and my Q-rates were in the 20's and 30's which included a half hour when a
Class B  6-station moved 1/2 Kc below me on 20M where I had been for 2 hours.
 I politely asked him to move down a little which he didn't.  I should have
QSY'd to keep my Q-rate up, but I didn't. Instead I moved down the 1/2 Kc to
his frequency where I could actually hear a bit better when he was on, but
not very well.  My Q-rate dropped to about 20 that half hour, and I was
angry, tired, and depressed, the low point of the contest for me.  The high
point of the contest was when someone asked me Sunday afternoon, "if I was
winning."  I never even considered that and a half hour later worked VE5GV
who was way ahead of me!  

Worked lots of SF, but only two PR and one NWT/YUK.

Yes, it was nice to hear so many CK 95 contestors!

73,  Doug  W2CRS (greying factor be damned) 

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