HENRYPOL at aol.com HENRYPOL at aol.com
Tue Nov 21 14:32:13 EST 1995

Call: WB4HFL
Category: Single Op, 10 meters only
Class: A
Section: NC
Score:  36  (?! that's not a typo!)
QSOs:  6  (power supply blew fuse on the 7th one)
Mults:  3  (NC, VA, & HI, nothing heard in between!)

It sure was lonely at the top!  Thank goodness for the DVR.  I spent a lot of
time pushing the PLAY button on the 850 ( at least one hour of CQing for each
Worked two new KE4s.  There IS some new blood up here!

Highlite: Worked KH6CC Sunday at 2137.  He was worked other stations for
maybe 10 minutes, then disappeared into the noise.  Nothing else heard form
the west.

Hope things are better for ARRL 10 in December.

4 element Sterba Curtain oriented NE/SW at 40ft.
3 element wire yagi in attic at 18ft oriented west
4 element yagi (homebrewed from ARRL Ant Handbook using YA) hanging from tree
limb at 35ft, rotated with fishing line of ends of boom

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL

"Here Spot(s)!!!!"  (I'm not calling my dog) 

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