KJ6HO at aol.com KJ6HO at aol.com
Tue Nov 21 22:34:28 EST 1995

class:SO LP
hrs wkd:24

BAND         QS          ANTENNAS
80              58           rotatable dipole @94ft
40              244         force12 620/340 @89 ft
20              288         "  "
15              445         6 ele at 103ft
10               1            R7 on chimney at 20ft
TOTAL     1036          

this was my 3rd effort at ss fone doing all 24 hrs...beat last years score by
182 qs so i was happy..really missed 10m though.this was my 1st chance to use
my new antennas  and it was quite a learning experience. 15m was great as i
stayed there as long as possible before going to 20m to fight it out with all
the hi power guys..20 sure seemed to have nets everywhere,and they all
reminded me whenever i was "too close"to their frequency.Had some good runs
on 40 ,but didnt have much fun there as the qrm was horrible.80m was sure
poor as no one seemed to hear me but the ragchewers, who used many 4 letter
words to try to get their point accross.why dont they just watch some tv on
contest weekends..maybe they could increase their vocabulary a little
bit..overall i had a good time..i need to spend more time trying to dig out a
frequency to call cq on before going back into S and P mode.thanks to all who
heard me and cu in the next one..73 de larry   

>From Dan Robbins <kl7y at alaska.net>  Wed Nov 22 04:00:23 1995
From: Dan Robbins <kl7y at alaska.net> (Dan Robbins)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 19:00:23 -0900
Subject: SS Ruminations (long)
Message-ID: <9511220400.AA15122 at alaska.net>

KL7Y SS SSB score was 1000 x 77 = 154,000  Single Op, Prec=B  13 hrs

Most of the contest was pretty fun.  Had some nice pileups on 20 for several
hours.  At one point the pile was 20 over.   Now I feel I'm pretty adept at
handling phone pileups, but this one period was about one notch higher than
I like.  In a few seconds you could hear dozens of letters, but it was
almost impossible to grab two of from the same call.  Everybody was the same
strength.  Quite a few times I would guess: "The W9 again..."  or  pick out
two letters on the keyboard that were close together, "Uniform India,
Number...."  There was always somebody close along with the usual few who
were not even remotely close.  Working by districts seemed kind of shabby,
so I struggled along as best I could until the pile whittled down some.  At
one point some jammer launched forth with an awesome S7 carrier and
associated noises.  With the pile at S9 plus 20 his QRM was laughable.  The
rate went up when the pileup dwindled.

Nice to get a sweep. I was worried about VE2 and kept listening for PQ, then
I wound up working 2 in the contest and one who wasn't.  Also had a pileup
of LU's at one time.  HMMM.

I did run afoul of some MOW-BILES on 20 meters.  I had been running nicely
for about an hour above 14.300 when this guy came on and started endlessly
yelling "MOW-BILES, MOW-BILES, you QRMen the MOW-BILES!"  I tried to be nice
at first, but that was a wasted effort.  I have to believe he was QRMing
them worse than I ever was.  I did ask him to quit purposely QRMing me, but
he just yelled "MOW-BILE!" even harder.  I even got him to give me his call
once.  Since his speech was somewhat inarticulate, I will only say it
started KD5 and ended with a 3 letter suffix.  Had I brushed up on 11 meter
lingo beforehand I probably could have communciated with him better.
Possible results of less strenuous amateur testing in the last few years or
maybe it was a pet parrot tripping the VOX.  This went on for about 10
minutes and the rate dropped so much I finally decided to QSY.  On the
subsequent pass through the band I actually heard the "MOW-BILES:"
        "Where yat?"
        "20 mile East of Podunk."
        "So and so, where yat?"
        "40 mile West of Skunk Holler."
        "Roger that."
        "How long for yall get to Podunk?"
        "20 minutes."
        "How bout yall, so and so, how long to Skunk Holler?"
        "Maybe 35 minutes."
        "Roger that."
        (30 second pause)
        "Where yat now?"
        "About 18 mile East of Podunk."
        etc.  ad nauseum
For this sterling conversation I had to move.  Even worse, these guys were
close enough that 20 meters was far from the optimum band.  40 meters or
even 80 would have been better.  Next time I think I'll try working split
for a while <grin>.

Other than that excursion into radio degeneracy, the SS was pretty good.
Sure heard a lot of CLEAN SWEEPS out there.  Even managed to work quite a
few QSOs on the low bands, tough from here. Most of the operators seemed
pretty good, only a few rough spots.  Some of those new guys just
WAS-hunting handled the exchange just fine.  I know why W5's do good in this
one, they were in first and out last propagation-wise, even beating out the
West Coast at times.  And yes, after the contest I went out and bought an
extra fan for the computer so it doesn't overheat anymore (I hope).  It only
crashed 3 or 4 times, but it was embarassing when the keyboard refused to
type certain characters, like numbers.

Next up CQ WW CW M/M.  The call will be NL7G and we will deafen your ears
with our loud signals.  (Guarantee void if aurora present...we ALWAYS have
aurora!)    Dan KL7Y

>From Dean Norris <dnorris at k7no.com>  Wed Nov 22 04:13:08 1995
From: Dean Norris <dnorris at k7no.com> (Dean Norris)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 21:13:08 -0700
Subject: KG8PE
Message-ID: <9511220410.AA11823 at ssi>

On 11/21/95 Master Mike wrote:

>Hi all My call is KG8PE   Name is Mike   age 12 extra
>I use my dads e-mail his call is KB8PK name Kevin....
>Sorry about the mix-up but thanks to all who helped and I'll
>do better on the rest of my posts...........
>73 Mike KG8PE   via internet : kb8pk at tc3net.com
>see you in arrl 160 from KG8CW multi-op.................

Hi Mike...

Congrats and it so refreshing to see a young ham who is interested in
contesting.  My hat is off to you and your dad whom, it would seem, is
promoting your contest activities.

Keep up the good work and I do hope to provide a "Q" in the 160 bash.

My apologies for the forum bandwidth but gee, it is nice to see something
positive from a young man as opposed to the more prevalent headlines about
12-15 year olds convicted of murder, etc.


Dean, K7NO

      Amateur Radio Station K7NO    *         
      e-mail to dnorris at k7no.com    *         
Homepage - http://k7no.com/~dnorris *  

>From mbarts at vt.edu (Michael Barts)  Wed Nov 22 04:19:03 1995
From: mbarts at vt.edu (Michael Barts) (Michael Barts)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 23:19:03 -0500
Subject: SS Phone KC4DY
Message-ID: <199511220419.XAA16816 at quackerjack.cc.vt.edu>

 Call: KC4DY                      
 Mode: SSB                      Category: Multi

      160        0        0        -
       80      887     1774        -
       40      273      546        -
       20      333      666        -
       15       63      126        -
       10        0        0        -

     Totals   1556     3112       77

               Score:  239,624

Power Output: 1500 watts     Hours of operation: 24

Operator List: KC4DY, KB4NT, WA4RDI

Equipment Description: TS-850, Alpha 76A
                       IC-735, LK-500Z
                       160 Slopers SE, NW
                       80  Dipoles
                       40  Dipoles, 2el at 180'
                       20  5 over 5 KLM mono
                       15  5 el KLM
                       10  5 el KLM
                       CT9 networked over fiber optics (No RFI, well almost)

Great rates on Saturday. Sunday was painful. I am amazed at the ability of 
80 to produce Qs, almost makes me reevaluate my general opinion of the band. 
First time we fire up on 80 one of the computers locks up. Before the 
contest started we blamed it on the copper serial cable, so replaced it with 
a fiber optic link before the contest started "just to be sure". Of course 
we didn't take the time to test it. Guess it wasn't the serial cable after 
all. Lost about 15-20 minutes swapping computers out. Thank goodness we had 
a spare laptop just for such an occurance. We worked all the "hard" sections 
in the first few hours. Sweep took almost exactly 9.5 hrs. SD and SB were 
last two sections! Go figure. We all had a great time, but I think we were 
all wasted Monday. As much as I love this contest I'm glad its only once a 

Michael Barts                            Amateur Radio: KB4NT    OFOC#2
mbarts at vt.edu                            If you can't work'em, it don't     
Research Associate                       matter if you can hear'em
Antenna Lab/CWT
Virginia Tech

>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Wed Nov 22 04:45:54 1995
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 22:45:54 -0600
Subject: KG8PE

	...it is nice to see something positive from a young man as 
        opposed to the more prevalent headlines about 12-15 year olds 
        convicted of murder, etc.   [K7NO]

Some of those might be hams as well, I don't think the activities
are mutually exclusive.

Happy Thanksgiving -
Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu

>From JimWaits at gnn.com (Jim Waits)  Tue Nov 21 11:54:28 1995
From: JimWaits at gnn.com (Jim Waits) (Jim Waits)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 11:54:28
Subject: ARRL 160 CONTEST
Message-ID: <199511220454.XAA18781 at mail-e1a.gnn.com>

Would someone tell me what QST has the rules for the upcoming contest
on 160?
Jim Waits, W4ROM

>From John Boudreau <ve8ev at gov.nt.ca>  Wed Nov 22 05:02:52 1995
From: John Boudreau <ve8ev at gov.nt.ca> (John Boudreau)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 22:02:52 MST
Subject: SS SSB VE8EV


1995 SS SSB

160-   0
 80-   0
 40-  22
 20- 189
 15-   8
 10-   0
     219 x 71 x 2 = 31,098 pts

Time on: 16 hours
Class: A

Rig: FT767GX
Ant: TH3JRS (10/15/20)  VERTICAL (40/80/160)

Another serious effort from the propagationally challenged.  I had hoped
to get my amplifier going before the weekend but had rig problems and
just barely managed to get that fixed before Saturday.
Not as many gushing thank-yous during the test this year as Bruce and 
Jay did a great job in reducing the demand for VE8/YU from way down south
at VY1JA.  Conditions as a whole were better than last year but better
bands made for big signals all over the band without much room a little
pistol to manuever.  15 being open at all was a nice surprise.
By Sunday afternoon I could hardly find anyone that I hadn't worked
already.  Endless CQing produced rates sometimes exceeding 10 per hour.
Getting VI late Sunday afternoon made me start thinking foolish "Sweep"
thoughts but the bands folded up around 0000z and I gave up.
Missed EPA, SC, NE, ND, KH6 and KP4.  Except for KP4 I never even heard
any of the missing ones.
High Point: Working KC5ACR on the space shuttle 2 hours before the contest.
Low point: Getting up after four hours off Saturday night only to find
           that the bands were all worse than when I quit.

Question: Which logging programs use YU for the abbreviation when the 
          official ARRL abbreviation is NWT?  Lots of people had
          problems with "NWT" when their logging software spit it out.
          "No, I'm not in the Yukon but maybe that'll work for you..."

John - VE8EV
ve8ev at amsat.org

>From w7ni at teleport.com (Stan Griffiths)  Wed Nov 22 05:17:02 1995
From: w7ni at teleport.com (Stan Griffiths) (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 21:17:02 -0800
Subject: INFO response: HELP
Message-ID: <199511220517.VAA20268 at desiree.teleport.com>

>Regarding your response to my request for an actual real copy of the 
>ARRL/SS contest rules which were NOT published in QST as they always have 
>to strip the rules of the blither and babble in which they are couched,
>but print an accurate rules summary in the magazine -- 

>Dave Ritchie                                    818-683-8800 (w)
>dbr at alumni.caltech.edu                          818-683-8900 (FAX)

Ahmen.  And I second the motion.  There was a post about someone who wanted
to go mobile and start a new series of numbers in each new section they
traveled through and someone else said you will confuse the computer dupe
sheets if you do that.  They thought using a different call in each new
section would fix the problem and I thought using the same equipment with a
bunch of different calls was against the rules (except for family stations
with several calls assigned to the same equipment).  The point is, how do
you know unless you can read the rules? I even asked via a post to this
reflector where I could find the rules and got no response.  If I ever
thought seriously about getting into another contest in the future, this
would surely convince me the think again.

Stan  W7NI at teleport.com

>From Paul Knupke (CS)" <knupke at babbage.csee.usf.edu  Wed Nov 22 05:20:56 1995
From: Paul Knupke (CS)" <knupke at babbage.csee.usf.edu (Paul Knupke (CS))
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 00:20:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Greying Contesters
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951122001920.11797B-100000 at babbage>

On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Bill Turner wrote:

> I noticed the same thing.  Someone earlier credited the more "user-friendly"
> announcement in QST, and I suspect they're right.  I was also surprised
> several times by "check 95" from what sounded like well-seasoned ops.  The
> Hope-For-The-Younger-Generation-Meter just rose a few points...

It also has to do with the re-opening of club callsigns in 1995.  

Last year I operated at a club station that didn't have a club callsign, 
but this year we do so I used it.  

KR4YL (operated from KE4ZYV)

 Paul Knupke, Jr.	           /  Pinellas County ARES Asst. EC
 knupke at babbage.csee.usf.edu      /         Pinellas County Skywarn
 Largo, FL USA                   /               Fidonet 1:3603/570
 Amateur Radio Callsign KR4YL   /    Packet @N4CNW.#TPA.FL.USA.NOAM 

>From Victor Vernon Burns <vburns at netcom.com>  Wed Nov 22 05:19:56 1995
From: Victor Vernon Burns <vburns at netcom.com> (Victor Vernon Burns)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 21:19:56 PST
Subject: V31UA cq ww
Message-ID: <InterAp.3.1.a.19951121211956.1@>

On Sunday, November 19, 1995 1:18:47 AM <KT6V at aol.com> wrote

> V31UA will be single op all band entry for cq ww cw contest. Operator is
> KT6V, Tom who has operated previously as ZF1A, ZF2QV, and VP2VDX. QSL via
> home call; 230 Emilia Lane, Fallbrook CA 92028. Rig used will be FT1000MP 

> TH-7, Cushcraft 2 ele 40 and Butternut Vertical for 160/80. Look for Warc
> activity b4 and after contest.


Call me if you have any questions about set-up, there are a few thing you p=
robably NEED to know.  744-6836


>From H. L. Serra" <hlserra at pwa.acusd.edu  Wed Nov 22 07:12:34 1995
From: H. L. Serra" <hlserra at pwa.acusd.edu (H. L. Serra)
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 23:12:34 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9511211646.A1510-0100000 at pwa.acusd.edu>

K7FD wrote:

> 	Take one swig (tsp if you prefer) of apple cider vinegar every
> 	12 hours. 
> 	That combined with whatever else you eat will keep your eyes
> 	wide open, believe me. Try it, you'll like it.

In the same vein, try making some 


2 QTs water
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup cider (brown) vinegar

Stir the cider and honey together vigorously in a 2+ QT container, until 
it is combined. Add 2 QTs water slowly, stirring all the while.
Leave the container in the fridge or a cooler, and drink it regularly during 
the contest for hydration and (alleged) mental clarity. It tastes a 
little funky, but the beverage is thirst-quenching, and refreshing without 
producing a caffeine or sugar hangover. 

de N6AZE/6E2T Team

>From ve7sbo at teleport.com (Bill Rindone )  Wed Nov 22 07:30:27 1995
From: ve7sbo at teleport.com (Bill Rindone ) (Bill Rindone )
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 23:30:27 -0800
Subject: Can of Worms
Message-ID: <199511220730.XAA28352 at desiree.teleport.com>

>Now to open another can of worms!  Did anyone else notice that 
>Canadian contesters seem to give relatively high "checks", most in 
>the 80's and 90's?
>73, de Hans, K0HB

That's easy!

In Canada we are in a growth spurt:

1975 = 14,400 amateurs

1982 = 21,600 "

1995 = 43,200 =

75% of our hams have been licensed since 1975.

Bill, VE7SBO, etc.

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