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Tue Nov 21 21:16:00 EST 1995

>Gary Nieborsky <k7fr at> writes:
>I've found that contesting is self addicting.  How about a 
plaque for each
>high scoring SO 94-96 ck? Certificate...nice words in QST?...

What a great idea ! How about a "Rookie" of the Year" plaque ? 
Entrants must have proof of original license during the past 
year. ( No club stns/pseudos please) In almost every other 
competative sport there is some acknowledgement of the "up and 
comer". How about it ARRL? What's one more plaque gonna cost ? 
I'd be willing to sponsor it.


>From Hans Brakob <71111.260 at>  Wed Nov 22 03:28:43 1995
From: Hans Brakob <71111.260 at> (Hans Brakob)
Date: 21 Nov 95 22:28:43 EST
Subject: Who is Gray?
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In one of my previous messages I wondered out-loud what an
S&P log would look like.  I suspected that the S&P'er, working
mostly "run" stations, would find fewer "new checks" in his log.
AA6TY (Check 89) sent me his numbers from a "pure" S&P 
operation. (Numbers are percentages of his total Q's.)

Check	SSB	CW
----- 	----	----
<46	 1.5	 2.5
46-50	 4.1	 3.1
51-55	 9.7	12.5
56-60	13.9	21.9
61-65	12.4	16.9
66-70	16.1	13.8
71-75	 9.7	12.5
76-80	13.1	11.3
81-85	 7.1	 2.5
86-90	 2.6	 4.4
91-95	 6.4	 3.1

So what can we make of that.  The most dramatic difference between these
"S&P" numbers and the "run" numbers we have seen is in the Phone column,
especially the most recent two "buckets".  In AA6TY's log, just 9% of his
contacts had checks after 1985, while in the run logs this percent was
greater than 30%.  

On the other hand, his CW percentages are reasonably close to the numbers
shown at "run" stations. 

Tentative conclusions from logs so far:

1) Recently licensed folks tend to "try out" Phone SS in good
numbers, and do it in S&P mode.  (No suprise in that.)

2) In CW SS, we have a bunch of old codgers working other old codgers
and low participation from those licensed since 1985. The unanswered
question is whether these folks always worked CW tests, or if they
started out in Phone tests and took up CW later in their "careers".

Analysis of some 10-15-20 year old logs would be instructive to see
if the relative curves are similar.   

Now to open another can of worms!  Did anyone else notice that 
Canadian contesters seem to give relatively high "checks", most in 
the 80's and 90's?

73, de Hans, K0HB

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