Contester's diet...what's best?

n0dh at n0dh at
Tue Nov 21 19:52:19 EST 1995

Bill Fisher, KM9P wrote:

>5.  I drink a lot of fluid (juice) during the contest.  I'm not sure why,
>but I believe this helps to keep the system from freaking out more than it
>already is from the lack of sleep.  Of course you have to keep in mind the
>result of heavy fluid intake.  I won't tell you my solution.... lets just
>say I take my contesting seriously.

Rumor has it, that around 3 in the morning Bill puts a rubber band
around a certain body part in conjunction with the fluid intake 
noted above. The resulting pressure build up and pain keeps him awake
till sunrise.



PS: In addition to some of Bills very good advice a brightly lit shack
also helps fool the body's rythmns. I add an extra lamp in the shack 
of late when I'm doing an "all nighter". I have just shy of 300 watts 
burning in  a 10 x 10 room. 


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