ND3F mini-multi SS phone

Nd3f at aol.com Nd3f at aol.com
Wed Nov 22 09:36:01 EST 1995

Thanks to Tyler, KF3P, for loaning me his Titan amp, just back from V26

Adam, N3SLN, age ten, convinced me to try SS phone.  Our goal 777 qs, 77

We got 700 qsos, 77 sections, with 16 hours operating (good sleep, family
Last section was EWA, only got one of those and one YU.
Claimed score 700x2x77=107,800

We had fun.  Adam had a 78 hour on 40M, with the last ten meter consistently
100.  Possible new contest "skill-o-metric" :  Best last ten divided by age!
is about 12 so far, my best closer to 6!  
Equipment:  ICOM 736, Titan, packet, 520' horiz loop at 65', 3 el 40M wires
KT34 at 70'.  
Quit when got tired of being hassled on 80M: last straw was finding empty
starting a run, and later being hassled by fellow who claimed -- I told you
this freq was
in use-- I only went away for a few minutes to p*** and now you dirty
take over my frequency(!) 
KW8N was loudest by far.  Nice signal!
73 Brian

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