Is the OMNI VI really that good?

K8DO at K8DO at
Wed Nov 22 09:46:48 EST 1995

Psst Ken,
Let me fill you in on this.....  Just between us...

I have an Omni VI and I am competing in the same contests that you

Please, please, please, don't get an Omni VI... Get any other rig than
that... I am on my knees and I beseech you... Don't buy an Omni VI... Buy
anything else... An Icom, or a Kenwood, or a Yahoo, or an old Atlas 350... Or
a Hallicrafters... Or, how about a nice deal on an FT One, huh?..... Maybe a
Collins S-line?... I can get it for you wholesale, even... But don't destroy
your whole life by getting an Omni VI... You won't be happy... You will be
miserable...Your fillings will loosen...You will get grey hair and a sagging
waistline...The QSL bureau will lose all your cards.... Your wife will take
up CB, good buddy...Your car won't start on cold mornings...
Just think, for  4 grand and change, you can have a rig with a silly scope,
uhhh sorry, make that an oscilloscope, on the front panel...Your friends will
be so impressed...Please buy one... better yet, get two.......

Just remember    


Got it?

Denny....            k8do at

&%^#@! advertising manager... wait'll I get my hands on him....

>From I2UIY <pcortese at>  Wed Nov 22 14:47:33 1995
From: I2UIY <pcortese at> (I2UIY)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 14:47:33 +0000
Subject: I3MAU is Silent Key

We will listen no longer to his loud voice, especially on low bands.
I'm very sad to communicate that our friend Renzo, I3MAU, passed away
tonight. He was just over 56yrs old. 
The contest community missed a great friend. Our sympathy goes to his
wife Pierina (I3AWP) and to his daughters.
Good bye, Renzo.

de Paolo, I2UIY

[ ] Paolo Cortese, I2UIY / N7PMC / OK8AFL
[ ] P. O. Box 14 - 27043 Broni (PV) Italy
[ ] Phone 0039-385-53203
[ ] A.R.I. HF Contest Manager

>From Setzler" <setzler at  Wed Nov 22 09:45:20 1995
From: Setzler" <setzler at (Setzler)
Date: 22 Nov 1995 09:45:20 U
Subject: K1NG ARRL SS SSB Score
Message-ID: <n1395088524.64226 at>

 Call:  K1NG 
Class:  Multioperator 
  QTH:  Exeter, Rhode Island
  Ops:  KI1G, WF1B, KD1NG 

    >>   1865 Qs * 77  ==>  287,210   <<

I don't have the details with me but will try and get them this w/end.  This
was my first SS, really had fun.  John couldn't join us due to a family

73 James/kd1ng 

>From Pete Smith <n4zr at>  Wed Nov 22 15:00:56 1995
From: Pete Smith <n4zr at> (Pete Smith)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 07:00:56 -0800
Subject: To packet or not to packet
Message-ID: <199511221500.HAA10736 at>

This will be my first CQWW with a pointable antenna, and I'm very conscious
of how much I have to learn.  Would it make sense, from that standpoint, for
me to go SOA/packet?  I figure that way I could see when openings occur, to
where and on what bands, rather than rely on my old wire-antenna mind-set.

Direct replies, please, but I'll gladly summarize if anyone else cares about
the answers to this neophyte question


Pete N4ZR (n4zr at

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