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Wed Nov 22 10:32:16 EST 1995

Along the same lines,
at V26B, at the recommendation of WB2P, we consumed mass quantities of
"Crystal Light" drink mix.  It was great.  Of course, it was about 90 degrees
F outside and much hotter in the shack, so we had to keep hydrated.  This
stuff worked for us and I, personally, liked the Lemon-Lime variety best.  
"Highly recommended."
de V26RN

Domestically, at N2RM, we also favor the "Tostito's" chips and Salsa.  Most
of us prefer the Mild variety of Salsa, but iron bellys like KZ2S and N2BCC
prefer the HOT stuff.  WM2H whips up his own concoction of "Shrimp Fra
Diavlo" or whatever he calls it these days.  This must be eaten with the
fingers by the way.  20 ounce coffees from Wa Wa* (local convenience store)
are the preferred drink of none other than the world famous K3UA.  These are
rapidly consumed 2 or 3 at a time.  N2RM himself seems to prefer "sticky
buns".  Contrary to rumour, these are NOT "stinky buns". In a totally
unrelated matter,  KA2AEV consumes several hot dogs from "Waldbaums" in
Queens, NYC that he cooks on his own portable grill. My favorite contest
snacks are large stick pretzels that we adoringly call "cigars" - they ain't
for kids!  
"It's a good thing." 
de KR2J at

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