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Wed Nov 22 11:43:43 EST 1995

Hi Derek...

> is nice to see something positive from a young man as 
>        opposed to the more prevalent headlines about 12-15 year olds 
 >       convicted of murder, etc.   [K7NO]

>Some of those might be hams as well, I don't think the activities
>are mutually exclusive.

This would be an excellent topic for a research paper for an undergrad or a
thesis for a grad student.... Given your EDU address, perhaps you could talk
it up with the sociology/education/law/philosophy departments... I'm betting
that participation in an activity as social as ham radio is unlikely to
attract overtly antisocial youths, and will  be a positive influence for
those wavering on the edge of antisocial acts...

Denny   k8do at

>From Jeff Tucker <jefft at>  Wed Nov 22 10:57:00 1995
From: Jeff Tucker <jefft at> (Jeff Tucker)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 10:57:00
Subject: Auto antenna selector for Kenwoods
Message-ID: <199511221556.KAA27049 at>

Hello, folks.  I have been approached about building an automatic
antenna selector for Kenwood radios.  I want to see if there's very
much interest in such a thing.

You probably have seen the ads for the Top Ten Devices antenna
switches.  These plug into a radio or a computer and have outputs
indicating which band you're on.  These outputs can be used to control
their companion relay box, giving you automatic antenna selection as
you change bands.

The Kenwood radios don't provide an easy way to access this
information and Top Ten doesn't make a box which works directly
with a Kenwood radio.  Instead, their box plugs in to a computer.  You
must be running a computer program which controls your radio and
is compatible with the Top Ten box, which all the major logging programs
are, I believe.  This program must be running at all times for the auto-
switching to work.  I addition, it takes a serial port and a parallel port
from your computer to make it work.

My box would eliminate the computer.  It would plug in to the computer
control port on a Kenwood, and would directly interface to the Top Ten
relay box.  It would be more complicated inside than a Top Ten band
decoder, but would hook up the same and probably cost the same.

This is not an offer to sell these boxes, but I'd like to see if there are
people interested.  Would this help you?  The Top-Ten band decoder
box is $100 (and the relay box is another $100).  If my band decoder
for Kenwoods were about the same price, would people want it?

Thanks for your time.

73 de Jeff, N9HZQ

Jeff Tucker, N9HZQ
jefft at

>From Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP) <lyndon at>  Wed Nov 22 17:46:32 1995
From: Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP) <lyndon at> (Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP))
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 09:46:32 -0800
Subject: Contest Rules
Message-ID: <199511221746.JAA07209 at>

>>>>> "juhola" == juhola  <juhola at> writes:

    juhola> Friends: - is there a specific Data Base or site where
    juhola> SSB/CW contest rules could be retrieved?  - need currently
    juhola> the up-to-date rules for All Asian and VK/ZL/OC contests
    juhola> Replies direct to me, thank you.

The CQWW rules are available on the Web at:

I would really like to expand the collection. If everyone were to pick
one contest and build an HTML page with the rules, dates, etc., we would
have a very complete collection in no time.


>From Doug Brandon <dab at>  Wed Nov 22 17:18:36 1995
From: Doug Brandon <dab at> (Doug Brandon)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 09:18:36 -0800 (PST)
Subject: NF6H SS SSB Score
Message-ID: <199511221718.AA002690716 at>

1995 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Weekend

Call: NF6H

Section: Orange County, California  (ORG)

Category: Single Op, Low Power (A class)

Check: 81

Score:  77Q x 77 sections = 11,858

Hours Operated: ~6

I had an ear and throat infection, so decided to keep the Q's to a
minimum.  This contest was pretty rough with only 100 watts and a 
vertical, especially on 20 meters.  It's frustrating calling stations
who are 20db/9 and they can't hear you through all of the QRM.  Forget
about CQing!

I've never heard so many PR's, VI's, and PAC's!  My last section 
worked was SC (only heard the one I worked).

   73 de Doug   NF6H

  Doug Brandon         dab at

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