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Wed Nov 22 12:41:37 EST 1995

- is there a specific Data Base or site where SSB/CW contest rules could be 
- need currently the up-to-date rules for All Asian and VK/ZL/OC contests
Replies direct to me, thank you.

Tapani Juhola, OH2LU
juhola at

>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at>  Wed Nov 22 11:45:41 1995
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 06:45:41 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Who is Grey?
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Hola Hans. Essentially I got into contesting by the wallpaper chasing 
route, but as  I recall, after getting the hang of it, I was hooked.  A 
year of operating from W3MSK/W3AU after my initial exposure really 
solidified my interest in contesting.  I was really inspired by the 
likes of K3EST, N4RV, W3TMZ, N4KG, and of course Ed himself. PVRC is  
trying to connect with any non club members in the MDC/VA/WV/PA/NC areas  
worked/heard  in the contests to urge their continued operation in  
contests and make them  aware of the club (no we're not trying to raid   
from FRC or other clubs).  I'd like to think I've been 
responsible for turning several casual participants into addicts over 
the years!

73 de Larry K7SV - lschim at

On 21 Nov 1995, Hans Brakob wrote:

> Doug suggested a theory that the high "hit rate" in 91-95 SSB is not 
> CONTESTERS at all, but new folks filling the blanks in their WAS 
> application. If this is the case, how do we convert these wallpaper 
> chasers into contesters?
> 73, de Hans, K0HB

>From Robert Penneys <radio at UDel.Edu>  Wed Nov 22 12:20:41 1995
From: Robert Penneys <radio at UDel.Edu> (Robert Penneys)
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 07:20:41 -0500
Subject: Help w/mini-tower, ant....
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Tower conundrum--

Unfortunately, I built a house in a deed restricted community just
before I got back into ham radio. Despite that, I put up various wires
and a short tower, ending up with a 40' crankup with a TA-33 and 40m
element which stayed up a year or so, miraculously. The tower was storm
damaged and came down this summer.
Now is time to scheme up a replacement. The most I could imagine getting
away with would be a decent tribander and 2el on 40. I don't chase DX, I 
guest op for the biggies, and just want to go on the smaller domestic
contests from home.
My location is also not so hot, down a hill which slopes to the west. It
doesn't make a lot of sense to invest much, seeing as the best I expect to
do would be mediocre, and I generally operate so rarely.
The question is, given this scenario, what makes sense. I could put up
40 to 60' of 25G, guy it, and the same antenna, and perhaps upgrade the
antennas. Or, it could be a crankup that would nest at 20' or so, which,
sitting behind the house, would be great, and go up on occasion to 50-70'.
However, this is a much more expensive installation which will infuriate
my wife as well as the neighbors. Not to mention that crankups scare me in
general and we are lucky that the last one, whose cables snapped a couple of
times, etc., did not hurt anyone.
What difference could antenna height between 40, 50, and 60' mean for
primarily domestic work and an occasional world-wide contest?
What would be the optimum antennas? Force 12? 40-2CD?
Thanks for all your help, and have a great Thanksgiving!   Bob

Bob Penneys  WN3K  Frankford Radio Club  N.E.R.D.S.  Mgr, HRO Delaware

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