SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Nov 22 12:56:19 EST 1995

1365 x 77 = 210,210       19 HRs     Last mult: PAC at abt 1815Z

80   591 Qs         TS-930->LK500Z (800W)
40   244              80/40 dipoles @50'
20   279                TH7 @65'
15   242           Sure could use voice keyer/better computer/newer rig (Santa 
                    are you listening?) 

Although usually a low-power event for me, I decided to go "B" this time and
was planning on a full effort/beating previous personal best from SC (1535xSweep). 
The memory of last year's great 20M short skip openings both nites running 
thru my head.  Everything was in place until Friday when plans got shot full 
of holes-long story (office motto of "why plan when you can react" is starting
to make more sense).

Contest started, 20M was too crowded so quickly went to 15.  Only 97 Qs 1st 
hour so tried 20/40. Both too crowded to hold a freq for very long so just kept 
moving around, hoping 20 would eventually produce like last year. 20 closed 
shortly after sundown and stayed closed.  OH NO! Went to 80 - last year I 
could hardly buy an 80M Qso on SSB, this year was a different story! Found 
(and kept-sort of) a freq for abt 5 hours.  QRN started building and had to 
crash abt 0800Z (not enough sleep Friday-part of long story).  Got up around 
1000Z and passed 1000Qs around 1230Z.  Had to break for abt 3-1/2 hours Sunday 
morning during good 40M run - arch rival N4ZZ (multi with W9WI) passed me 
here. Got back on around 1700Z and found most of day pretty slow with 20M 
continuing to be non-productive due to crowding. Broke again at 2200Z (part 
III of long story), just shy of 1300 Qs/200K ( at least I had my sweep!) Got 
back on for last hour finding 20M with some short-skip and a KL7 and KH4 for 
good measure. At least one hr on 20M was enjoyable!!

Some great scores!! Will miss CW CQWW due to annual event of Thanksgiving 
holidays with visiting relatives - may sneak off for an hour or 2.  Good luck 
to all!!

				73,  Mark K0EJ  

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