N2RM CQWW CW 1995 M/M Score and Soapbox

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Mon Nov 27 12:37:19 EST 1995

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1995
      Call: N2RM                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi

      160      273      685     2.51     21      74
       80      797     2256     2.83     28     106
       40     1862     5410     2.91     39     139
       20     1898     5420     2.86     38     152
       15     1055     3010     2.85     29     123
       10      100      165     1.65     14      29
     Totals   5985    16946     2.83    169     623  =>  13,421,232

Operator List: N2RM, WT3Q, K8GL, KA2AEV, KZ2S, N2NT, 
               WZ1R, N2AA, W2RQ, KR2J, N2BCC, W2GMA, WM2H

"Operating the 1995 CQWW CW from May's Landing, NJ" 
       (or "Looped, Duped and Pooped")

Somehow, we managed to produce a very competetive score during
this weekend's very strange conditions.  Almost all of us were
suffering from some sort of flu, cold, allergy, etc. (POOPED)

CT Networking Update!! (The continuing saga).  N2BCC built
a box that allowed us to use the -LOOP switch for CT for our
network.  Warren made this thing RFI proof and it worked 
perfectly.  Without question, we had fewer problems than ever 
before with the network.  Using -RTS on the COMTSR's helped
too.  The "box" allowed us to run a normal 9 to 25 type cable
from a single com port on each computer and just plug it in.
"It's a good thing". (LOOPED)

160 was fantastic!  Last year's totals were 159q 19z 65c.  That was
surpassed by sunrise saturday morning.  The only disappointment was 
not being able to work a JA station, although several were heard.
The best rate on 160 was about 35/hour.

80 meters was just 50 qsos short of last years' score by sunrise 
on saturday.  Friday night, at 0600 to 0700, we had a 72 hour.     
Pretty good for 80!

40 meters at night was like 15 meters during the day during a 
sunspot peak.  We were running JA and Europe on 40m at the same 
time - both short path! Around 0800 we had a 100 hour on 40.  
Did 40 close?  We missed zone 12 for all 40.

20 Meters was the big band for us this year and yielded both
the most multipliers and highest average rates.  Saturday morning,
around 1400z we had a 168 hour. We missed Zone 23 and 26.

15 Meters was a bit better than it was last year in qsos(775), 
but it didn't feel like it was very good.  Friday night, there were
copiable signals on the band until around 0300.  On saturday,
we worked VK5GN at 0100 and 2 US stations in the next 15 minutes
and that was it.  On sunday, we made no qsos after 2100z.  We 
did not hear any JA stations at all.  No zone 12, 17, 18, 19, 
or 23 through 29.  Both days, europe was pretty much gone 
between 1500 and 1600z.  The only highlights were a 174 hour 
around 1400 saturday morning and being called by 4S7/HB9AMO on
sunday.  We had 6 less zones and 3 less countries than last year.
I think there were a lot of europeans that stayed on 40 and 20 and
didn't go to 15.  The ones that were on 15 called us over and over 
and over. (DUPED)

10 meters was painfully poor.  10 was the only band where it was 
a lot worse than last year.  For Warren's sake, I hope that this 
is the bottom of the cycle.  No Europe at all.  No highlights.

Aside from W2RQ, whose name should be Murphy instead of Keller,
we had very few problems with either radios or computers.  

We did not have pizza at the start of the contest this time.  
Almost all of us took time to go to the new 24 hour diner (yippee!)
near RM's shack for either lunch or dinner prior to the contest
starting.  There was a lot of Wawa coffee, Iced Tea (for the Wiz), 
Diet Coke (caffeine free for me), Tostitos chips and Salsa (Ole'), 
and cigars (stick pretzels).  I'm sad to report that there were 
no sticky buns whatsoever.  The other kind... well, no comment.  
On a completely unrelated matter, KA2AEV switched to "Sabrett"
hot dogs.  WM2H even stopped in for one after losing his shirt
and jeopardizing his marital status in Atlantic City on friday.

We had a few visitors to the shack including, WC2K and W2OB and 
a neighbor from about 2 miles away that was getting TVI on sunday
afternoon with his mast mounted preamp.  He said the TVI was on 
pretty much all channels.  Love those preamps.

That's the N2RM story hot from the "Oven".
Bob Naumann
KR2J at AOL.com

>From DFREY at maila.harris.com (DFREY)  Mon Nov 27 16:19:23 1995
From: DFREY at maila.harris.com (DFREY) (DFREY)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 11:19:23 -0500
Subject: k4vx score
Message-ID: <0b9f6720 at maila.harris.com>

     Here is the result for K4VX/0.  6 operators and no packet.

                    CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1995

      Call: K4VX                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Multi


      160      247      421     1.70     17      56      
       80      284      783     2.76     27      80
       40     1421     3727     2.62     35     114
       20     1527     4270     2.80     38     134
       15      394     1035     2.63     30      97
       10       77      104     1.35     12      23

     Totals   3950    10340     2.62    159     504  =>  6,855,420

     Eastern Missouri is definitely in the Black Hole. 

     Via K4XU

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