A Scary postscript!

Zack Widup w9sz at prairienet.org
Tue Nov 28 08:21:50 EST 1995

>While on the topic, I heard WT5P calling "CQ Contest PIGS" on 40M at 0700Z
>(yes, 7 HOURS after the contest ended).  I worked him and explained that I
>really don't appreciate being called a pig and don't understand why he was
>still whining 7 hours after the contest was over.  He replied in very
>lousy CW something to the effect that he was still really mad and that
>contesters ruin Ham Radio for everyone.  Go figure!
>Gary K9GS    (You have to STOP the Q-Tip when there's resistance !)

Just as bad (or worse maybe) was the goon who worked DX9C on Sunday 
morning local time at sunrise (~1300Z) using the call PR1CK in "Zone 69". 
The worst part of that was that Martti copied his partial call and kept 
asking for repeats for about 3 or 4 minutes of valuable opening time.

May the person who did that be struck down by the CONTEST and DX Gods.

Zack W9SZ

>From daly at eagle.rtc-waterford.ie (progen et2)  Tue Nov 28 14:28:05 1995
From: daly at eagle.rtc-waterford.ie (progen et2) (progen et2)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 14:28:05 GMT
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <9511281428.AA10560 at eagle.rtc-waterford.ie>

hello there, does anybody have information on a BLASKETT ISLAND
expedition (EJ) anytime in the next 12 months.
Thanking you in advance.
EI6ETB Warren

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu  Tue Nov 28 14:38:03 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 06:38:03 -0800 (PST)
Subject: CQ WW CW from N0AX
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9511280603.E28128-c100000 at bach.seattleu.edu>

N0AX - Seattle, WA

I entered low-power assisted (yes, I know there's no category for it) with
some of the other crazoids from Seattle.  Frankly, I had some trepidations
about how good conditions would or would not be, but they came through in
excellent fashion.  There must have been a lot of puzzled looks as folks
checked out 40 inthe late afternoon and found it wide open to places
normally only heard after dark!

160	 16	 8	 9	being able to hear helps a lot
 80	 80	23	16	best ever
 40	140     63	26	who let 40 out of the box?
 20	254	85	33	the best of times, considering the cycle
 15	105	53	20	5 EA's, a CT1, and an F - that's Yurp
 10	 14	 6	 8	10's not a band, it's a seance

	611    238     112	562,100 points

Highlight - Working JW5NM on 80 for my first ever EU on 80!  First time
I've ever even HEARD one on 80 from home.  To snag one is just awesome.

I'll tell ya, though, 20 from out here is a solid picket fence of CQ
machines from 000.1 to as high as you want to go.  I could just imagine all
the Least Coasters frantically pushing F1 as I strapped on the 250Hz
filter and called the DX between rock-crushers.  Every so often a loud EU
would manage to shoulder a way in and we could work them pretty easily. 
But, as the Alaskans say, "If you're not the lead dog, the view never
changes."  This is all cycle-minimum petty bitching in light of a
"positive contest experience."

I must say, there was a noticeable absence of CQing in the DX window on
160.  Some well-known calls were heard in there, though.  You guys know
better!  I was pleased to hear some nameless soul tell one to "QSY OUT OF
WINDOW".  A couple of fruitless CQs later, he was gone.  I heard one
8-lander not only CQing in the DX window, but in the JA window, as well,
for good measure.  Get a life!  Is a VE3/7 DX enough to call in the
window?  I don't think so, but who am I to say...Mr. Peanut Whistle...

Hey, two paragraphs of whining!  No more...it was really a suprisingly
good weekend, that could have been a real drag.  The low bands were just
mahvelous.  Let's do it again!  (I didn't mean that, honey...)

73, Ward N0AX

>From btippett at ctc.net (Bill Tippett)  Tue Nov 28 14:03:57 1995
From: btippett at ctc.net (Bill Tippett) (Bill Tippett)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:03:57 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: UR CALL PSE?(CQ WW CW AT ON4UN (80M))

JE1CKA wrote:

>There are some stations who do not sign their own calls in every 
>time and had to listen for a few minutes to confirm their call. 
>When I find these not_so_often_sign_own_call stations, I ask him/her 
>"ur call?" before the QSO.

I agreed with most of what Tack said except for all those stations who 
who have time to send "QRZ" but not  "KH0AM".  Why do they do this 
since it is only two characters longer to identify?  My punishment for these
stations is to do exactly what ON4UN does...work them and then ask
for their call.  I guess it is a way to reward them for wasting my time and
their own!  If it's a dupe, they deserve it!  I love top operators like N6TJ
have mastered sending their call as a confirmation/QRZ at the end of
each QSO.  I just wish more guys would follow his example.

Bill  W0ZV 
Bill Tippett, PO Box 37, New London, NC  28127-0037 USA
Phone/FAX:  +1 704-463-1445        E-mail:  btippett at ctc.net

>From Rick Laity" <rlaity at fox.nstn.ca  Tue Nov 28 15:15:58 1995
From: Rick Laity" <rlaity at fox.nstn.ca (Rick Laity)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 15:11:58 -4
Subject: VE1AZN CQWW CW score
Message-ID: <199511281512.LAA16374 at Fox.NSTN.Ca>

Single operator, low power, unassisted.


      160        1        0     0.00      1       1
       80      159      344     2.16      9      26
       40      242      597     2.47     20      59
       20      503     1163     2.31     26      79
       15      320      913     2.85     21      68
       10        1        0     0.00      1       1

     Totals   1226     3017     2.46     78     234  =>  941,304

Conditions were generally good although I didn't hear anything over 
the pole this year. Even with my puny low band antennas 80/40 were 
exceptional overnight Saturday but 80 was almost dead Sunday evening.
I didn't hear any JA except on 40, quite a difference from last year.
The only signal heard on 10 was ve1qo a few streets away from me. I 
checked it regularly and tryed a few cq's with no luck. 
All in all a lot of fun, hope I helped out with some contacts and 
didn't tread on anyones toes.

73 Rick
Rick Laity VE1AZN          |
rlaity at fox.nstn.ca         |

>From hhoyt at k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt)  Tue Nov 28 15:14:57 1995
From: hhoyt at k4pql.apex.nc.us (Howard Hoyt) (Howard Hoyt)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 10:14:57 EST
Subject: K4PQL CQWW
Message-ID: <m8i0eD1w165w at k4pql.apex.nc.us>


                    K4PQL   (SOUA High Power)

   160       38     96    10     28
    80      237    668    22     77
    40      540   1507    31     96
    20      847   2458    34    107
    15      352   1027    25     80
    10       15     39     9     12

   All     2029   5795* (131  + 400) = 3,077,145

Equipment 2*TS870S LK500ZC/Clipperton L______________________________________

Antennas 160M GP, 80M 4Sq, 40M 2/2, 20M KT34XA, 15M 4L, 10M KT34XA___________

Operators Howard Hoyt K4PQL_________________________________________________

Remarks: Tremendous condx for low point of solar cycle. Great Sunday

20M opening to eastern Eu. Higher MUF diminished 160/80m on sat/sun nite.

73, Howie

                  |      Howard Hoyt        |
                  |       Apex, N.C.        |
                  | HHOYT at K4PQL.APEX.NC.US  |

>From Satoshi Nakamura <je1jkl at st.rim.or.jp>  Tue Nov 28 15:59:21 1995
From: Satoshi Nakamura <je1jkl at st.rim.or.jp> (Satoshi Nakamura)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 00:59:21 +0900
Subject: 9M6NA CQWWCW SO/SB20m Score
Message-ID: <9511281559.AA00485 at je1jkl.st.rim.or.jp>


             HRS      SCORE       QSO'S      PTS       Z       DX
9M6NA        30.5  1,160,250      2317      6825      39      131

I missed ZONE 2.  Where were you Dick?

Satoshi Nakamura  (Saty JE1JKL/9M6NA/NH6J)
je1jkl at st.rim.or.jp

>From JOHN GOLOMB <GOLOMB at LAKEHURST.NAVY.MIL>  Tue Nov 28 17:50:55 1995
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 12:50:55 -0500
Subject: MicroCAM mapping software -Reply
Message-ID: <s0bb06a2.029 at LAKEHURST.NAVY.MIL>

Here is some info on another package that does the same thing.

- John KZ2S

announcement: AZPROJ11.zip (approx 950kb) and AZP10-11.zip (60kb) 
are available on

nic.funet.fi/pub/ham/antennas and

Michael NV3Z's home page http://access5.digex.net:80/~michaelk/

contains a demo map, links to e-mail and ftp sites. Michael is
bicycling across the USA (finishing late Nov). 'Til he gets back and
updates the page, the ftp links will be to old (or maybe non-existant

 (V1.1 is a bug fix for v1.0. V1.0 did not run on Postscript
printers, if a grid.dat file was sent before the .wdb files. v1.0 ran
fine under Ghostscript. Unless you have a real Postscript printer and
want to plot worked grids, you do not need this fix.
The whole suite of files is available as azproj11.zip. The fix only
is in azp10-11.zip.)

 Azproj v1.1 is a collection of postscript files and data files for
generating azimuthal equidistance projections of the earth from
(almost) any point on earth. It can plot color maps of the surface of
the earth on any scale, draw and/or label grid squares, show worked
grid squares on a band(s) of your choice, dxcc countries (and
countries worked an a particular mode, eg CW/SSB), mountain tops,
rovers, repeaters, beacons and can use NMEA input from a GPS receiver
to center the map.

 Azproj can be run on ANY computer (Mac, PC/DOS/Win/DVX, Unix) and
output to a postscript device (printer, ghostscript runing on a unix
or DOS machine with a  ghostscript compatible printer, eg
HPcolor inkjets). Ghostscript will also allow display of the maps on

 Although a rudimentary understanding of postscript will help in
running azproj, sample .bat files are supplied to make initial maps
and it should be possible to make simple changes to the az_ini.ps and
*.bat files to get the maps you want.

 To display the maps on a screen or to use a non-postscript printer,
you should first obtain ghostscript
(available for PC (DOS, Win, DesqViewX) or Unix) from your favorite
ftp site (try ftp.cs.wisc.edu/pub/ghost)

 The azproj files are GNU copylefted.

 Joe Mack NA3T, mack at ncifcrf.gov, mack at xray.duke.edu


 Michael Katzmann NV3Z, michael at baa01285.slip.digex.net

Submissions:                    vhf at w6yx.stanford.edu
Subscription/removal requests:  vhf-request at w6yx.stanford.edu
Human list administrator:       vhf-approval at w6yx.stanford.edu

>From Jack Fleming <oolon at eskimo.com>  Tue Nov 28 18:10:23 1995
From: Jack Fleming <oolon at eskimo.com> (Jack Fleming)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 10:10:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Pileup Manners
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951128100314.12807A-100000 at eskimo.com>

Recently there was a thread about getting new contesters
interested in the sport.  Let me relate what I heard on the
bottom on 20 meters Sunday afternoon around 2015z.  

I came across a huge pileup (A REALLY huge pileup) on 14002.  No
DX seemed to be underneath it, so I tuned down and heard KH4/NS6D
(real callsign) on 14001.  His code speed was slow, maybe 
15-18wpm and he was struggling to work the pileup.  I was
encouraged that he had at least managed to split frequencies.  He
was obviously new at all of this.  

I heard two QSOs.  When he finished the first one his 15wpm "TU
GL ES 73 DE KH4/NS6D KH4/NS6D QRZ?" was greeted by the roar of
the pileup.  After a few seconds he got part of WB8D's callsign. 
He sent, "WB8? WB8? 59931 59931 WB8?".  WB8D came back sending
slow (15wpm) with his call several times and his exchange.  A
bunch of other stations also sent their calls - the usual stuff
in a pileup - no big surprise.  The KH4 wasn't sure of the
complete call and asked again.  WB8D replied with his call
several times, though he was clobbered by those who continued to

Then KH4/NS6D sent, "WB8D? ONLY WB8D? ONLY WB8D? ONLY KN".  Using
"only" made me think that he seemed to be getting the hang of
things pretty quickly - it usually works.  The pile-up (mostly)
quieted down and WB8D came back again with his call slowly.  But
at the same time he was still clobbered by just a few in the
pileup.  Of the hundreds of stations calling only a handful kept
up calling.  I copied K3ANS, WA0GOZ, and WD8LLD (real callsigns - 
alphebetical order).  They kept sending their callsigns incessantly - 
usually at 30+wpm and right on top of WB8D.  

KH4/NS6D again sent, "WB8D? WB8D? OK? OK? WB8D ONLY KN".  Again
WB0D tried, but again he was clobbered by K3ANS, WA0GOZ, and WD8LLD. 
KH4/NS6D again sent, "WB8D? WB8D? OK? OK? WB8D ONLY KN".  And
again WB8D tried to get through K3ANS's, WA0GOZ's, and WD8LLD's
continuous calls.  

Finally KH4/NS6D was convinced that he had the call right.  He
sent, "WB8D WB8D TU TU TU NW QRT QRT".  He had enough.

This sort of pileup behavior is fine if we're chasing some of the
heavy hitting expert contesters like ZD8Z or HC8N or TE5T or
CN2JF(hi).  But this guy was an obvious contest novice and was 
sending code at 15wpm!  

It's a classic example of why we sometimes have a
tough time finding new contesters - especially from rare
locations.  This poor guy gets on from Midway to give out a few
contacts and gets treated like this.  It wouldn't surprise me if
we next hear KH4/NS6D on some DX net and never again giving out 
Midway multipliers in contests.....

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY ex-CN2JF ex-CT1/WA0RJY   oolon at eskimo.com
Seattle, WA   http://www.eskimo.com/~oolon/   DON'T PANIC! 

>From Chad Kurszewski  WE9V <kurscj at oampc12.csg.mot.com>  Tue Nov 28 18:18:00 1995
From: Chad Kurszewski  WE9V <kurscj at oampc12.csg.mot.com> (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 12:18:00 -0600
Subject: KS9K M/S CQWWDX CW 1995
Message-ID: <199511281818.MAA12189 at OAMPC12.csg.mot.com>

Well....here it is:

                CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1995

  Call: KS9K                     Country:  United States
  Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single


  160       74      192     17      55   "Tilted Inverted Vees" 600' bev
   80      166      444     23      87   "Tilted Inverted Vees"
   40      605     1717     38     125   Fullsize 3/3
   20      925     2614     37     139   5/5/5/5
   15      306      767     28     106   5/5/5/5
   10       30       71     12      23   5/5/5

 Totals   2106     5805    155     535  =>  4,005,450

Operators: KS9K + WE9V, N0BSH, N9XX, NB9C, W9XT


Congrats to K1AR/K1EA crew....amazing!!

Best year ever on 160.  Worked everything I heard with the exception of JA.

I want the old 10 minute rule back.  The good news is that the new one is
much easier to keep track of.

Kept right in there mult-wise, but couldn't work those extra layers of

Mikey, N0BSH, smoked the 8877 in the 40M amp.  First one to let loose in
a LONG time.  Paul signed it and gave it to Mikey to put on his mantle,
or is it his TV?  (Ya know, the one with the picture of the burning log.)

Next year, homebrew 3 elements on 75 AND 80.  The 2el homebrew beam only
works on SSB.  Now to add another element, more boom, and CW/SSB switching.

Chad Kurszewski, WE9V             e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski at csg.mot.com
Sultans of Shwing        Loud is Cool..yeah, heh, heh, LOUD IS COOL!!!
The Official Sultans Web Site:  http://www.infoanalytic.com/ka9fox/sos

>From AD1C at tiac.net (Jim Reisert AD1C)  Tue Nov 28 18:25:06 1995
From: AD1C at tiac.net (Jim Reisert AD1C) (Jim Reisert AD1C)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 13:25:06 EST
Subject: Looking for CTY file bugs
Message-ID: <199511281826.NAA15154 at zork.tiac.net>

Once again, I am soliciting for any country file bugs you noticed during
the CQWW CW contest.  I will put out a release the 2nd week of December
with any changes I receive.  Please reply to me directly (AD1C at tiac.net)
and make sure the Contest Reflector address is NOT in your mail header!

I have the following already - any more?

>From JE1JKL:

* BA is to be added to prefix list for China, BY.
* AL7H/0(4)[7] is to be added to callsign list for United States, K.
* RM9 and RS0 are to be added to prefix list for Asiatic Russia, UA9.

Things I noticed:

* VA2CT, VE2/N6AA are in Zone 2. (any others I missed?)

Saty also notes:

* UA9Ms and RM9Ms were sending 17 instead of 18.  Were they wrong?

I don't have a good answer for this one - anyone else?

Finally, I have been receiving complaints of stations with Alaskan
callsigns who are operating portable in the USA.  The FCC recently decided
that all AL/KL/NL/WL calls will be assigned to Alaska, not just calls with
'7' in them.  I modified the country file accordingly, but now these
Alaskans operating portable in USA are being counted as Alaska.  Please
send me ANY of these callsigns that you have found in your logs, and
include the CQ zone that they sent you.  I will explicitely add them to the
country file to prevent confusion in the future.

73 - Jim AD1C

Jim Reisert
AD1C at tiac.net

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