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Tue Nov 28 20:53:42 EST 1995

H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at>wrote:

>Where have all the Zone 18 boys and girls gone off to?  I didn't hear a
>one on any band all weekend.  The UA0's weren't that plentiful either.  I
>miss all those Siberians that were once so numerous on 20 CW.

>73, Ward N0AX


R0/UR8LV/ z18  was on 160 last weekend.

Didnt hear him on any other bands though


>From Pete Smith <n4zr at>  Tue Nov 28 21:14:49 1995
From: Pete Smith <n4zr at> (Pete Smith)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 13:14:49 -0800
Subject: pileup management
Message-ID: <199511282114.NAA16927 at>

Can anyone recommend a good source or couple of sources of wisdom on pileup
management, as distinct from techniques for cracking a pileup (for the
pilees, not the pilers-on, if you get my drift)?  I have seen isolated
messages from time to time with good dope, but am not aware that this advice
has been collected anywhere.  As last weekend amply demonstrated, there's a
need to spread the word, which these reflectors do very well indeed.  If
there's no pre-existing source, I'd be glad to collect everyone's wisdom by
direct e-mail and synthesize it into a coherent summary, maybe for NCJ, the
DX Mag, CQ-Contest or wherever (in addition to the reflectors).


Pete N4ZR (n4zr at

>From john.devoldere at (John Devoldere)  Tue Nov 28 21:28:19 1995
From: john.devoldere at (John Devoldere) (John Devoldere)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 21:28:19 +0000
Subject: info on KG4MN
Message-ID: <199511282126.WAA12855 at>

In Europe everybody went wild over KG4MN in the contest. I have him as zone
04 in my log (Tenn? Ala ??). Am I wrong? Is he in Guantanamo bay?


john.devoldere at  
Call us in all major 1995 contests: OT5T or ON4UN
John Devoldere (ON4UN-AA4OI)
B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

>From slay at (WA6BXH/7J1ABV)  Tue Nov 28 21:55:43 1995
From: slay at (WA6BXH/7J1ABV) (WA6BXH/7J1ABV)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 13:55:43 -0800
Subject: Log/QSO accuracy ... who is responsible?
Message-ID: <v01530501ace1338e7658@[]>

Somebody said:

>In Europe everybody went wild over KG4MN in the contest. I have him as zone
>04 in my log (Tenn? Ala ??). Am I wrong? Is he in Guantanamo bay?
Hmmmmmm ..... well, if you copied Zone 4 ... then isn't that what you are
required to put in your log?  I can understand if the logging program makes
an error and identifies him as USA (rather than Gitmo Bay) .... but if the
receiving operator actually copied Zone 4 .... (or was too lazy to actually
"complete" the QSO)....

Put another way .... just how much of the QSO exchange are we supposed to
be reponsible for ... and how much can we claim that it was "the computer
logging program's fault)??

Sandy Wa6BXH

PS:  I have the highest, highest regard for the orginal poster of the query
... but the matter of whether or not we as Ops are responsible for the
validity of the QSO data was the point.   No flame at all is intended.  Got

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