Pileup Manners

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Same thing happened to me on Saturday morning when I was trying to work XZ1A
down on the bottom of 80M. The XZ asked several times "N0??", Only to be
greeted by sevral W6/7 stations calling on top of me. The XZ never did get
my call ~8^(. After awhile feeling my anger grow I quit trying (something
I've learned to do after 35 years of DXing, if it aint fun dont do it). I
did however use the time to add a few calls to my "black list" which were
stations of the same ilk you noted below. I'm learning....I dont get mad
I get even ~8^). Some buds of mine and I are planning a dxpedition in 97
to a much needed location...and guess who aint gonna get worked ~8^).

Jack Flemming wrote:
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Subject: Pileup Manners

I came across a huge pileup (A REALLY huge pileup) on 14002.  No
DX seemed to be underneath it, so I tuned down and heard KH4/NS6D
(real callsign) on 14001.  His code speed was slow, maybe 
15-18wpm and he was struggling to work the pileup.  I was
encouraged that he had at least managed to split frequencies.  He
was obviously new at all of this.  

I heard two QSOs.  When he finished the first one his 15wpm "TU
GL ES 73 DE KH4/NS6D KH4/NS6D QRZ?" was greeted by the roar of
the pileup.  After a few seconds he got part of WB8D's callsign. 
He sent, "WB8? WB8? 59931 59931 WB8?".  WB8D came back sending
slow (15wpm) with his call several times and his exchange.  A
bunch of other stations also sent their calls - the usual stuff
in a pileup - no big surprise.  The KH4 wasn't sure of the
complete call and asked again.  WB8D replied with his call
several times, though he was clobbered by those who continued to

Then KH4/NS6D sent, "WB8D? ONLY WB8D? ONLY WB8D? ONLY KN".  Using
"only" made me think that he seemed to be getting the hang of
things pretty quickly - it usually works.  The pile-up (mostly)
quieted down and WB8D came back again with his call slowly.  But
at the same time he was still clobbered by just a few in the
pileup.  Of the hundreds of stations calling only a handful kept
up calling.  I copied K3ANS, WA0GOZ, and WD8LLD (real callsigns - 
alphebetical order).  They kept sending their callsigns incessantly - 
usually at 30+wpm and right on top of WB8D.  

KH4/NS6D again sent, "WB8D? WB8D? OK? OK? WB8D ONLY KN".  Again
WB0D tried, but again he was clobbered by K3ANS, WA0GOZ, and WD8LLD. 
KH4/NS6D again sent, "WB8D? WB8D? OK? OK? WB8D ONLY KN".  And
again WB8D tried to get through K3ANS's, WA0GOZ's, and WD8LLD's
continuous calls.  

Finally KH4/NS6D was convinced that he had the call right.  He
sent, "WB8D WB8D TU TU TU NW QRT QRT".  He had enough.

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY ex-CN2JF ex-CT1/WA0RJY   oolon at eskimo.com
Seattle, WA   http://www.eskimo.com/~oolon/   DON'T PANIC! 

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>From oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills)  Tue Nov 28 20:42:08 1995
From: oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 14:42:08 -0600
Subject: cqwwcw VK5GN

	>as far as the diddlyburr machines... I find when I pop my call 
        >to them at their speed I get diddy dada didit, in return... they 
        >can't copy at that speed anymore than you or I...  and I agree, 
        >it took me minutes to decode hc8n... 

Phooey[tm]!   ZD8Z and HC8N copied anything you sent at them at any
speed, and sent their calls frequently.  I spent many minutes just
listening to both of these stations for the sheer pleasure of it.
Both of them still had people calling them right up to the last
minute, and didn't have to slow down.  A note on our cluster says
that HC8N broke the world M/S record, and you don't do that unless
people are working you all the time.   These guys are The Tops[tm],
but I admit that I wouldn't want them to ask me a long question as
part of the exchange.   Heck, I can copy my own call at 60 wpm and 
their report is always the same, they send their call thousands of 
times during the weekend, what more can you ask.

HC8N was the only station I worked on 6 bands this time - this is
partly self-defense cos I'm the QSL mangler and if I work them, 
that's one less person asking for a card...

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at astro.as.utexas.edu

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