St. Pierre (FP) during ARRL DX CW

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Thu Nov 30 10:28:12 EST 1995

Hi Tom, get a hold of Rich, K2RW. He is a regular visitor
to FP land. Unfortunately, I don't have an E-mail address,
but he can be reached on the East Coast DX CLuster at his own
node, K2RW.  I hope this helps.

73, J.P. AA2DU

>KC1WV and I are thinking of going to St. Pierre for the 
>ARRL DX CW in February 1996.  Anybody got any info on this place?
>Thanks a bunch!
>Tom Cooper WA1GUV
>cooper at

J.P. Kleinhaus, AA2DU  ARRL CAC hudson Div. Rep.  
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It's not a bug...It's a feature!

>From snace at (Steve Nace)  Thu Nov 30 15:47:08 1995
From: snace at (Steve Nace) (Steve Nace)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 08:47:08 -0700
Subject: UR CALL PSE
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Alan Braun MD, NS0B/V31EV writes:

>1. Some stations (e.g.WH6X/6Y5 in the recent CQWW) send their calls
>so fast that even skilled CW operators have trouble copying them.
>There were several incorrect spots on our local packet cluster on
>this station.

Please tell us you are not relying on packaged radio to read code!

>2. Many stations identify so infrequently that a S&P station has to
>either waste a lot of time waiting for an ID, work them and risk a
>dupe, or just pass them by.  Usually I just pass them by.

Pass 'em by till Sunday or better yet work and then ask for their call
while the whole world is listening. If you dupe them, so what.

>Would you like to work a lot of dupes, or have a lot of people like
>me bypass you and thus lose the points from working us?

The price the guy pays for not IDing. Guess they feel they work enough
to make up for this theoretical higher dupe rate or more realistically,
you passing them by.

>Just a couple of thoughts from someone on the S&P end - not meant
>to be a flame!

Don't think you are flaming Doc. Tell it like it is. Isn't that what
this forum is for?

73 de Hose KN5H

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