FT1000MP/ALPHA 87 Combination

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Thu Nov 30 10:50:32 EST 1995

Fellow TCGer and Contester Extraordinaire Don, N4ZZ, just purchased a 
FT1000MP.  He was told by Yaesu and seller that it was compatible with his 
A87.  Seems to be great on CW but RF power control in out-of-the-circuit on 
SSB with processor on and menu options for "power output" are not flexible 
enough to properly drive the 87 (10W too little, 50W too much).  His 
discussions with ETO indicate incompatibility while Yaesu says it should work 
by using ALC (not recommended by ETO). Anyone got an answer?

			73 es TIA,

				Mark K0EJ

p.s. respond direct-will summarize if interested

>From Tim Totten, KJ4VH" <kj4vh at iglou.com  Thu Nov 30 17:09:15 1995
From: Tim Totten, KJ4VH" <kj4vh at iglou.com (Tim Totten, KJ4VH)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 12:09:15 -0500 (EST)
Subject: XZ1A, DX9C, etc.
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I just rcvd a fax from Martti, OH2BH/VR2BH, who is on yet another business
trip in Seoul.  He provides the following info (which I am summarizing
here in my own words): 
- XZ1A:  OH1EB is leaving Yangon today (probably gone by the time you see 
this), with some 9000 QSOs, 3800 in WW CW.  The station remains in place, 
with more activity expected in January by OH1NYP and OH2BH, concentrating 
especially on 160/80 and the areas of the world with the most difficult 
path (central and eastern North America).  All XZ1A QSOs up to this 
point--more than 25 k--will be compiled into one database.  QSL labels 
will be printed soon, with cards going out by early January.  QSL via 
- WW CW:  OH0XX was at YV5A.  OH6DO was at 8R1K.  No further info
currently available on their results.  DX9C was operated in M/S category
by LA7JO and OH2BH.  They made approximately 4500 Qs, but I don't have a
score or mult breakdown.  QSLs for DX9C go to DU9RG: 

Mr. Robin Go
818 Acacia Ave.
Ayala-Alabang Village
Muntinlupa 1780
In an attempt to head off the flood of email I normally receive after such
postings . . . sorry, but I don't have any updates on P5 at this time.  As
Martti says, "stay tuned."

    Tim Totten, KJ4VH     kj4vh at iglou.com
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