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Zack Widup w9sz at
Tue Oct 31 23:58:48 EST 1995

>> People seem to be insistent on using just the last two letters when they 
>> call.  This is now part of the culture.  (It's actually not bad at times, 
>> although never as good as giving the whole call.)
>I try to ignore those callers. Sometimes they will change their mind
>really begin giving the full callsign. Sometimes I mention that I want
>"complete callsigns only". I believe the situation has slightly bettered
>73 Ben

I used to really enjoy listening to Bob Furzer when he was 9K2ZZ ... "AA, 
whatever and wherever you are, you're 59" ... "ZZ, what kind of call is 
that ... you're 59"    :-)

I think it's actually faster to give your whole call in the CONTEST; that 
way if the other station copies it OK you don't have to spend any more 
time at it.

73, Zack W9SZ

>From Ronald E. Vincent" <rev at  Wed Nov  1 05:35:37 1995
From: Ronald E. Vincent" <rev at (Ronald E. Vincent)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 95 21:35:37 PST
Subject: CQWW Score HK0/KH8AL
Message-ID: <9511010535.AA29538 at>

Dear Colleagues & Contesters 'round the Globe!

Craig, KH8AL LL'd me this evening and asked that I post his San Andres CQWW
SSB score for HK0/KH8AL.  They were "Multi-Multi" with multi-multi problems
which he didn't elaborate on to any degree.  Ops. were KH8AL, JH1NBN,

        BAND            Q'S     ZONES   COUNTRIES
        160             19        7        15
         80            709       18        53
         40            736       19        55   
         20           1489       24        77
         15           2480       22        62
         10            638       19        29     
TOTALS>               6071      109       291   

                                           RAW FINAL SCORE>  5,374,000 M/M

Most 'umbly submitted . . .or otherwise 73 de:


(p.s. pretty nice to see 15 open (FRI,SAT,SUN lots of JA's, BY's, and EVEN
XY1HT) with a FLUX of 74 and low A/K!! . . . maybe there's light at the end
of our dark propagation tunnel yet)

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