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ehayes at VNET.IBM.COM ehayes at VNET.IBM.COM
Tue Oct 3 14:29:25 EDT 1995

I would like to install a tower on my city lot but have some
questions that I have not seen addressed in the last couple
of tower discussions nor can I find mention of them on KA9FOX's
home page.  Perhaps this knowledgable contest group can shed
some light on my ?'s.  The tower would be attached to the house
at the eave peak which is about 15' from the ground.
Ok, now the questions...

1). I was planning on 40 to 50 feet of used 25g. Is there
really any need to purchase a new base?  Why couldn't you just
use 3 to 5 feet of the first section if you follow the cementing
recommendations in many of the previous posts?

2).  I have heard that there are specs on the distance guys
should be anchored from the base of the tower.  I am assuming this is
to guarantee some special angle at the guy/tower interface.
If the required distance from the tower base is not possible but
the "special angle" can be maintained, is that acceptable? attach the quy wire to a 3 to 4 inch pipe cemented next
to the fence line that is tall enough to maintain the guy angle.

3).  Since the tower will only be 40 to 50 feet tall, would I
be better served with a 2 el 3 band quad than with a triband
yagi?  I seem to remember reading that quads have a lower
takeoff angle at lower heights than do yagi's at a comparable
height, have less wind load and have more gain than a yagi
with an equal number of elements.

I do have a Rohn catalog on order which may answer some of these
questions but I also value real life experience from tower


73  KC5DVT   Wayne     email...ehayes at
Austin, Texas

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