Grounding Towers In Rocky Terrain

K2WK at K2WK at
Tue Oct 3 12:45:00 EDT 1995

Hey all!  

I just put up 90 feet of Rohn 55G.  The tower is situated on top of a hill
consisting mainly of Martinsburg shale.  The base was installed
in solid shale with 4 pieces of 2' x 1" (65 ton) threaded rod. There is maybe
3"-6" of topsoil near the tower base.  I'm curious as to what to do for a
ground to protect myself from the inevitable direct strikes I surely will
I'm debating whether to lay out 4 pieces of 8' x 5/8" copper ground
rods horizontally just below the surface, or  cutting them in half and laying
8 rods 4' long.  They'll be attached to the tower base with 3/0 Cu wire.
Would laying out radials, insulated or not, help in dissipating the charge?
I know there is an infinite amount of knowledge among the readership and
I'd appreciate any and all help.

                                                  73 de Walt - K2WK @

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