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Thu Oct 5 10:09:11 EDT 1995

Hello Friends...
I'll  operate Cal QSO Party next weekend with Home-Call on all bands, 100 Watts
rig,  CW and SSB. 10 meters 20-22 UTC, 15 meters 23-01, 20 meters 01-03, and 40
meters 09 UTC...
Let's wait propagation - 73 PY2NY - Vitor

>From Andrew <xphiles at>  Sat Oct  7 05:39:09 1995
From: Andrew <xphiles at> (Andrew)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 14:39:09 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Wanted: VK9NS Internet Address + Phone #
Message-ID: <Pine.SV4.3.91.951007142643.2181C-100000 at>

On Sat, 7 Oct 1995, Rob Shapiro wrote:

> I would appreciate if anyone could send me an Internet address for VK9NS, if one 
> exists.  Please send to me direct and thanks in advance!  I would also appreciate a 
> telephone number for Jim.

don't think he has a net address. (not that i can find anyway). but his 
address is

Jim Smith
PO Box 90,
Norfolk Island,
South Pacific,

rob, sorry, but i did have his phone/fax numbers, but i can't seem to 
find them (where did i put that bit of paper).. maybe i sould be more 

i have forwarded this to some poeple who may be able to help you further.

73, Andrew

> 73, Rob
> P.S.  I did a REVIEW on the Contest Reflector, with no luck.
> ------------------------------------------
> Rob Shapiro - ND3A
> Annandale, VA
> Potomac Valley Radio Club
> Internet: nd3a at
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>From Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at>  Sat Oct  7 12:23:01 1995
From: Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at> (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: 07 Oct 95 07:23:01 EDT
Subject: Reflector Relations
Message-ID: <951007112301_102505.2241_HHM7-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Well it now seems that along with the radio police we keep hearing in all the
pileups when some rare dx comes on the air, we also have to contend with
internet grammar police...

It is my understanding that this forum is for the betterment(is that an
acceptable word) of the contesting group and for the dissemenation of
information directly relating to how we have slipped away from
that some people have so much free time as to analysize each
message to its grammatical correctness?????

I know that being from the fine state of Georgia, that I have some southern
slang expressions that just come out in normal conversation, and that I am not
the most correct when I spell words...but the most recent messages to this
reflector is in my opinion in poor taste...(check that paragraph for dangling

Lets keep the topics related to contesting and the improvement of our hobby.

If you do feel obligated to respond to me or anyone else please direct your
comments accordingly, on the other hand if grammar and spelling are of such
importance, I suggest that you subscribe to the English Teachers forum......

73's and good contesting

de NQ4I

>From Ken Claerbout <76065.3345 at>  Sat Oct  7 12:41:05 1995
From: Ken Claerbout <76065.3345 at> (Ken Claerbout)
Date: 07 Oct 95 07:41:05 EDT
Subject: Kenwood TS-940 VFO problems
Message-ID: <951007114104_76065.3345_GHC7-2 at CompuServe.COM>

Thought I'd toss this out and see if any other 940 owners have had a similar
problem.  The VFO on my 940 has recently begun to jump around (the frequency
jumps along with the display) and at times makes it's almost imposible to
tune the bands or sit on one frequency and work anyone.  I may be off the mark 
but it seems like the problem only happens when it gets humid in the shack.  
Otherwise the radio is fine.  I've sent the unit to Kenwoood but it  doesn't
like that did the trick either.  Any ideas or suggestions? 

				Thanks  Ken KE9A

>From john.devoldere at (John Devoldere)  Sat Oct  7 13:42:43 1995
From: john.devoldere at (John Devoldere) (John Devoldere)
Date: Sat, 07 Oct 1995 12:42:43 +0000
Subject: proper grammar
Message-ID: <199510071242.NAA07516 at>

Hi Doug,

Thank you for YOUR advice. YOU'RE so right. At least if you only ment to
address this TO people who speak and use English for THEIR first language.
But THERE ARE (fits in the family of THERE, THEY'RE and THEIR) others TOO.
Not all contesters are English speaking. And THEY'RE writing and using
Internet to communicate in English, so that those who only speak and read
English would understand.... Do you KNOW English may not even be THEIR
number TWO language. NO, maybe IT'S THEIR third language. But I think you
KNOW that. I'm sure that this is not NEW to you....

If you KNEW it's the same problem in all languages, you probably would not
be so offended by how English is slaughtered. Take French, where ER, EZ, EE,
E and E (with "accent aigu") "can" all be pronounced the same way. THERE it
really gets complicated. But English isn't the most logical language either.
Why do you pronounce TUCSON the way you do? And SEATTLE, and YOSEMITE etc..
HERE it really gets complicated, and unless you HEAR the word pronounced
correctly, you are at a LOSS. But of course logic is logic, and languages
are not. And of course, every language has ITS own merrits and ITS problems.

Why address your lecture only to the contest reflector? Is the contester's
English a total LOSS? Don't you think that a LOOSE interpretation of the
grammar is not only a contester's privilege? You may actual LOOSE friends
addressing your lecture to contesters only... And some contesters who go out
of THEIR way to address the contest reflector in elementary (on not always
perfect) English, so that those who only understand and read English would
also be informed, may feel offended...

No hard feelings... You are right, of course... And I enjoyed writing the
few crummy lines above... 

I hope the message wasn't LOST.


John, ON4UN

john.devoldere at  
Call us in all major 1995 contests: OT5T or ON4UN
John Devoldere (ON4UN-AA4OI)
B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

>From broz at (John Brosnahan)  Sat Oct  7 15:16:49 1995
From: broz at (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 08:16:49 -0600
Subject: test message
Message-ID: <199510071416.IAA00720 at>

Sorry for the BW but I have been trying to post a message to the reflector
for the last few days and the machine keeps rejecting it.  Originally it was
an attached message that I pasted into the body of a message.  Thought maybe
there was something embedded in the file so I retyped the whole thing
(letter from W4ETO on the 91B) from scratch into a new message but it still
was rejected.  Now I just want to see if I can send anything without
rejection.  The machine keeps interpreting each line of the message as a
command that it doesn't understand.

Thanks, John
John Brosnahan    W0UN
La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA
voice 970-284-6602            fax 970-284-0979           email broz at

>From Eugene Walsh <0004504465 at>  Sat Oct  7 15:57:00 1995
From: Eugene Walsh <0004504465 at> (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 95 09:57 EST
Subject: spelling, grammar etc.
Message-ID: <01951007145710/0004504465PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


It's a rough trough to plough through.



>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at  Sat Oct  7 16:12:00 1995
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 95 10:12 EST
Subject: Grammar part II
Message-ID: <70951007151207/0006489207PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Hi all....I'm pleased by the massive response:
First, let me say that I should have noted that my comments were
(and are) directed towards those who claim English (or American?)
as their mother tongue.
Score:  Liked/agreed with my comments:  32
        As above, but wrong forum    :  01
        Disagree/pissed/wrong forum  :  01
        "Not my native language"     :  02
(Above comments received within first 12 hours of posting!)
More interest here than M/S 10 minute rule, making skeds, Assisted/
packet.  AMAZING!  Only 3 weeks left....get ready.
de Doug KR2Q at

PS...for the 100's of others...this is the END of the grammar thread from me.

>From k7ss at (Danny Eskenazi)  Sat Oct  7 17:12:05 1995
From: k7ss at (Danny Eskenazi) (Danny Eskenazi)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 09:12:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: TS 930S relay question/dress code?
Message-ID: <199510071612.JAA29499 at>

A friend is tired of using a footswitch to relay his amp, and wants to use
his 930 
to do the job. I seem to recall a small relay in the back of the 930 (when
down and open) that you have to change a jumper on, to make it activate the
ptt line in the remote din plug, so as to tell the amp to turn on and off.
His manual has NOTHING about that relay change, it only says to wire the din
plug to pins 4 and 2, which he has done... When he keys his 930 with his
keyer there is NO relay clatter at all, and the amp does not key.
He also has a tech manual, but no mention of changing the wire in it either.
(WARNING: He and I are both QCAO members... enough said...[for those who
don't know..
QCAO is Quarter Century Appliance Operators..and as such, members have no
reading schematics, or even thinking about picking up soldering guns] we did
try and
look at the manual..but to no avial)   Any experience on this one?
please reply directly.

BTW: That KR2 needs some propagation....NOW.....before he goes off and
demands a 
dress code for the reflector....he's probably just frustrated about the Yankee's
dismal game three in Seattle...   Doug can I wear my torn Levis on here?
73 de K7SS
Danny Eskenazi
4821 51 SW
Seattle WA 98116
206 932 6621
206 932 1449 Fax
k7ss at

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at  Sat Oct  7 17:49:55 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 09:49:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: proper grammar
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9510070954.A24948-7100000 at>

They're their, Doug, your two upset!  Its just that yew knead too relax. 

73, Wrad, N0AX

>From broz at (John Brosnahan)  Sat Oct  7 20:06:44 1995
From: broz at (John Brosnahan) (John Brosnahan)
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 1995 13:06:44 -0600
Subject: 91B response from W4ETO
Message-ID: <199510071906.NAA22975 at>

I'll keep trying this message until the reflector buys it.  (Maybe there is
a grammatical error and the server is now programmed to check before sendinf
anything out.)

    W4ETO sent me this letter and asked me to repost it to the reflector
since he isn't a subscriber.  This was written after I had sent him a copy
of the first 91B exchange on the reflector but before the addiitonal flurry
of comments, which I will forward to him this weekend.  The note was sent as
an attached file and I had some trouble pasting it directly into the body of
an email message and having the reflector not reject it for some reason,
hence the delay in its posting.  Although Dick hasn't seen all of the
comments yet I think his summary of the beta units of the 91B is worth
posting.  If he has additional comments after reading the balance of the
exchanges I will post them for him.

73  John  W0UN


To: cq-contest at
From: W4ETO at
Subject: Follow-up to John Brosnahan W0UN's comments re: 91B

Here are more hard details which may interest some of you.
Incidently, John, you did a great job at XR0Y.  Thanks!

Every 91B that has been on the air from a DXpedition - Syria 
YK0A, So. Georia VP8SGC, Conway 3D2CT/3D2CU, Scarborough
BS7H, EI/SyG XR0Y/XR0Z, and soon Heard VK0 - has been a
pre-production "beta" model built in 1994.  Production units,
incorporating lessons learned from the pre-prod betas under
field conditions, began in April of this year.

Two of the 15 beta units experienced failures and two others
a very unusual operational problem (see 3. below).

1. The very first 91B blew a filter cap after several days
operation at YK0A.  Every subsequent 91B has first quality
 American-made caps that go through the same testing and
burnin as those in all ALPHA amps.  Betas were retrofitted.
There have been no further failures in nearly a year.

2. The 3D2CT/CU amp experienced the HV PCB arc that John
described.  There have been no other such failures among beta
amps using the original board, and none among production
 91Bs which, as John reported, have a new PCB layout that 
eliminates the possibility.

3. According to Martti Laine the 2 91Bs at BS7H worked
normally before and after the DXpedition but on the rocks 
with generator power experienced T/R relay dropout.  The 
on-site diagnosis under difficult conditions, inadequate
relay supply voltage, I believe was incorrect.  91B beta 
units tested at ETO keyed normally down to 168 line volts.
We believe the location of BS7H vertical antennas within 2-3
feet of corresponding transceivers and amplifiers induced
enough rf into the T/R lines to cause the dropouts.  No such
problem came up with the 5 generator powered 91Bs at XR0Y.
Inter-station interaction of the sort experienced at XR0Y
was well covered by John.  Bandpass filters as used by many
big multi-multi contest staions are the best answer, but in
a pinch it's also possible and reasonable to desensitize the 
VSWR trip in the 91B (but NOT the 86, 87A or 89 with PINs).
Somehow I failed to get this info to John after learning of
the problem.  (A communications snafu - what else?)

Bet this is the first time you've seen a manufacturer publicly
report on beta testing problems.  I welcome feedback.

73, Dick W4ETO/0

Actually, Dick's crew did give me the info necessary to defeat the VSWR
protection circuitry but I felt that the cure  might have been worse than
the problem, especially  when on an expedition.  Since the problems were not
present with one rig in each tent (one CW and one phone) and only manifested
itself with two rigs in each tent and only under some conditions of band
combinations and antennas, I decided that the risk of damage from a defeated
VSWR protection circuit was too high in view of the large number of tired
operators and the chances of plugging in the wrong coaxes when changing
bands.  Especially since a damaged 91B might impact the Heard Island
operation since the units were being shipped directly to Heard from Easter.
And I was leaving Easter before the operation was over and would not have an
opportunity to restore them to normal operation before they were shipped on
to Heard.
----John  W0UN

(I seem to be intertwined with the 91B project and if anyone has comments
relative to the 91B that are sent directly to Dick, W4ETO, I would
appreciate a cc: for my records and general enlightenment.  Thanks, John)
John Brosnahan    W0UN
La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA
voice 970-284-6602            fax 970-284-0979           email broz at

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