CAUTION on Guy Grips!!!!! (and a note on Nicopress fittings)

John A. Ross, IV wb2k at
Wed Oct 11 05:47:23 EDT 1995

>Nicopress fittings are available from many other companies (such as Indusco
>and Newco) in both copper and aluminum.  (The little aluminum ovals that are
>crimped onto the cable on winches.)  These were designed for use on aircraft
>   <snip>

>Their conclusion
>was that 3 were required on 1x7 to guarantee that the fittings were stronger
>than the cable.  Of course use of the proper tool is also required--I have
>heard of people "setting" them with a hammer--shudder.  The tool for the
>fittings for 1/4 cable gets pretty expensive, especially if you are only
>going to do a few.  (Think I paid quite a bit over a hundred bucks in the
>70s for mine.)  And you need to do the proper number of crimps for the
>fitting you are using, of course.

Funny you should mention this. A few years ago I was replacing the cables
on my crankup and faced a choice. Either use cables clamps (which can
occasionally clank against tower rungs as the tower is lower/raised) or
figure out how to get those snazzy fittings like the factory does.  Out of
curiosity, I brought one of the cables to Home Depot, found the fittings,
and then asked the salesman "How do I smush these things?". He promptly
spun around, grabbed a box off the highest shelf, and handed me the tool.
About $65 if I remember correctly, and it handles about 6 different sizes
of fittings, which should cover most ham needs.  Quite nifty, and gives a
more secure and professional looking appearance to your cables.

73, John - WB2K

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