Rotor (Rotator?) v2.0

John A. Ross, IV wb2k at
Wed Oct 11 06:38:51 EDT 1995

>It is rotator,
>NOT rotor.

On that vein....
I have an aluminum dipole that I can turn on my mast in contests.
Is it a "Rotary Dipole" or a "Rotateable Dipole"?

John A. Ross, IV  - WB2K / VE2TJA [Zone 2]  (wb2k at
Summit, New Jersey
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>From Jim Stockwell <74503.53 at>  Wed Oct 11 08:32:14 1995
From: Jim Stockwell <74503.53 at> (Jim Stockwell)
Date: 11 Oct 95 03:32:14 EDT
Subject: CQP with Murphy in Mono
Message-ID: <951011073213_74503.53_EHH32-1 at CompuServe.COM>

For the 4th year Randy (NZ6N) and myself (WA6GDS) drove the 300 
miles from our home QTH's in Santa Monica to Mammoth to operate 
in the CQP from the comfort of my condo in Mammoth Lakes.  Due 
to other commitments we were not able to leave until 9:30PM on 
Thursday so our arrival in Mammoth was a blury-eyed 3:30AM on Friday.
After sleeping in as long as possible we spent all day Friday setting
up our aging combination of equipment.  The weather was 
fantastic so it was great to be outdoors putting antennas in the
the pine trees. By the last light of Sun we were finishing 
replacing the dipole which we had broken on the first installation attempt.

Antennae & Equipment:

1) 80-10 Dipole with 450 Ohm feed line in the pine trees at about 50'

2) An 26 yr old Hygain TH2 at 30' above the 2nd floor condo 
deck.  This will be the last year for this baby since it was 
pretty much falling apart before we put it up.  When we took 
it down some more of the fatigued metal broke off.

3) A 40/80 trap dipole in another set of pine trees at about 
60'.  As already mentioned we broke a trap on the original 80-10 
dipole here, but fortunately we had a spare antenna.

4)  Randy's TS-930 and Swan KW amp and my TS-450 barefoot. 
 Also two networked PC's for our first attempt at multi-multi.  

By the start of the contest everything was working pretty good.
But Saturday evening, however, Murphy struck and the Swan amp died 
so we had to run the rest of the contest barefoot. This really killed our Sunday
rates on 20 and 15 SSB.

After the contest, Randy's TS-930 got shorted out (oops).  Between
the Amp, rig and broken dipole and broken beam this was a tough weekend 
on our equipment.  It was good that we had a Jacuzzi available Sunday night 
to recover from the battle with Murphy and collect our diminishing thoughts
about next year's CQP.

WOW! - We were still missing Idaho with about an hour 
left.  Randy really worked 40 SSB and finally found WA7WOW for 
number 56.  Unfortunately we still missed the sweep by Alaska 
and NWT (This first year we missed VY1JA).

160	  0	  0
 80	117	 84
 40	124	143
 20	245	287
 15	 89	 90
 10	  0	  0

Total	575	604  X 56 = 164,248

TU NCCC &  All the good Q's,

Jim, WA6GDS (+Randy, NZ6N)

>From Dieter Dippel" <dippel at  Wed Oct 11 09:47:59 1995
From: Dieter Dippel" <dippel at (Dieter Dippel)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 08:47:59 MET
Subject: Signal Strengths Reports Here...good idea
Message-ID: <21F8AE806C5 at>

Hello CQWWDX-freaks,

........ Multi-Single from Europe !!!
> The TOP 2 go head-to-head in a multi-single fight out....
> CQWW Phone 1995...DON'T MISS IT!

> Any comparisons (signal strength/audio quality etc) appreciated...

> Station 1:

> TM2Y @ F6BEE
> Ops:

> Station 2:

> TM1C @ F6CTT
> Ops:

> In fact...most Multi op stations should have enough "men" to compare 
> signals..
> ..I shouldn't forget the other serious entries from over here...

> IQ4A....OT5T...LZ9A...
>>>>>>>>> and people say that the DLs will return to TK with
>>>>>>>>> more than just tribanders this year.....

Oh Boy,
...... who did offer our secret .... ??? hi ....

Yes, that's true ..... but don't forget .... we have to install all
the antenna-stuff within 3 days and all antennas and towers will be
not higher than 12m (40feet) ... no Beam on 40m ... etc.
The "only thing" we'll take with us is "motivation", the rest will be
fascination of Corse ...

... the smell of thyme, rosemary and lavender .... that's corse
             (c/o: Asterix and Obelix on Corse)

So, don't worry ...... hi, hi, .....

>>>>>>> oh dear...M/S out of Europe aint gonna be easy!

.... By the way .... don't forget DK0DX (former Y34K) .... I think
their signal isn't bad at all !!!???

73 de (one of the TK-OPs) TK2C !!!

Dieter, DF4RD (Member of the Bavarian Contest Club)

          QSL via DF7RX (direct or via bureau)
          []       name: Dieter DIPPEL, callsign: DF4RD
[] university: Erlangen-Nuernberg, Regional Computing Center
[]    address: Martensstrasse 1, D-91058 Erlangen
[]      phone: +49 (0) 9131 85-7030  fax: +49 (0) 9131 30 29 41
[]   internet: dippel at
[]        www:
[]             /docs/RRZE/Abteilungen/Zentral/persons/dippel.html
[]     packet: DF4RD at DB0BOX.#BAY.DEU.EU

>From Mixalis Dimitrakakis <mdim at>  Wed Oct 11 11:17:13 1995
From: Mixalis Dimitrakakis <mdim at> (Mixalis Dimitrakakis)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 10:17:13 EET
Subject: Rubber-duck of STANDARD 558
Message-ID: <199510110821.KAA08472 at helios.intranet.GR>

 Dear Sir

 I am looking for an address to buy the original rubber duck of my
 STANDARD handheld V-U  558 or 528.
 Does anyone has an address that I can buy one?

 Thank you 
 73 SV1CVY

>From Mixalis Dimitrakakis <mdim at>  Wed Oct 11 11:25:16 1995
From: Mixalis Dimitrakakis <mdim at> (Mixalis Dimitrakakis)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 10:25:16 EET
Subject: DX77 hy-gain performance??
Message-ID: <199510110829.KAA08695 at helios.intranet.GR>

 Dear Sir

 Does any amateur has any experience with this new HF  VERTICAL DX77
 or does any of you had the older model DX88 put up in the air?
 Any price of those hy-gain products?

 Please answer me direct
 E mail  mdim at

 Thank you
 73 SV1CVY

>From barry at (Barry Kutner)  Wed Oct 11 12:49:29 1995
From: barry at (Barry Kutner) (Barry Kutner)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 11:49:29 GMT
Subject: Rotor (Rotator?) v2.0
Message-ID: <7wZscD2w165w at>

wb2k at (John A. Ross, IV) writes:

> Is it a "Rotary Dipole" or a "Rotateable Dipole"?

I think a Rotary Dipole is 2 SP ops hopelessly going in circles on one of 
those crazy Massachussetts intersections.


Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry at
Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
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