Updated PA Party Logger available

Joe Landis - Systems & Network Mgr landisj at nad.com
Wed Oct 11 09:17:14 EDT 1995

Thanks to David, WT3H, for informing me that there was a newer version of
the KM3D PA Party logger available - PA1200F. I have put it up on the mail
server and you can recieve a copy by sending "sendme pa1200f" to
"pa-fs at nad.com", without the quotes, of course. You will recieve a 44kb
UUENCODED ZIP file. UUDECODE.BAS is also avalable from the server by sending
"sendme fs-tools". PA1200F has apparantly been enhanced, although I have not
tested it - I wanted to make it available ASAP.

Thank you David, and Harry, KM3D.

Enjoy, and see you this weekend!
Joe - AA3GN

>From Ronald D. Rossi" <rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM  Wed Oct 11 13:49:19 1995
From: Ronald D. Rossi" <rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ronald D. Rossi)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 08:49:19 EDT
Subject: CQP Score ...

    Callsign Used : N1PBT
         Operator : N1PBT

         Category : SOLP

 Default Exchange : # VT

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults

   80CW        1           1          3       0
   80SSB       4           4          8       0
   40CW        6           6         18       2
   40SSB      27          27         54       2
   20CW       18          18         54       0
   20SSB     120         118        236      45
   15SSB      28          28         56       3

 Totals      204         202        429      52

    Final Score = 22308 points.

 Soapbox Comments

The bands were all over the place.  I'm thankful for the 15m
opening on Sunday.  At made a lot more CW QSOs and more QSOs in
total this year than last and I took more time off! I am
uncomfortable asking for a bunch of fills and my CW is so rusty.
80m and 40m were very spotty and I went to bed at midnight or so.
I just didn't have enough attitude to carry me through the few
more hours to round out to 24 hours of operating! The contacts I
did make on 80 all had difficulty with the copy.  Shamefully I
admit the warm bed after this stressful week was too much to pass
up after that.  And so there goes a sweep!

Thanks guys for pulling me out of the ether.  No girly-man laying-
my-head-on-the-pillow-early crap for SS...promise.

73 de N1PBT...Ron  (rrossi at vnet.ibm.com) ><>

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