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John D. Nicholson jnichols at ednet1.osl.or.gov
Wed Oct 11 10:09:58 EDT 1995

>I saw a bunch of traffic recently (within the past few months) about the 
>Radio Shack DSP unit, but can't find anything in my archives.
>Local store has them on clearance - any comments for use on the 
>second/S&P contest radio? I have an IC-725, which doesn't have the best 
>73, Greg
>Greg Becker NA2N

Greg, I used a IC725 w/ the RS DSP for over a year and would encourage
you to grab it if it's on sale. On SSB, you will notice quite a
reduction in splatter...on CW, it's great; super sharp and not too
much ringing. The Noise Reduction is so-so but for the price, you will
be glad you got one.

Or you can get an IC775DSP... :)

John K7FD


>From n2ic at drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM)  Wed Oct 11 18:00:57 1995
From: n2ic at drmail.dr.att.com (LondonSM) (LondonSM)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:00:57 -0600
Subject: TS-950SDX Questions
Message-ID: <9510111100.ZM556 at dr.att.com>

I have now had my TS-950SDX long enough to understand its basic operation.  I
have a few questions for other 950SDX owners that may help me improve my
CONTEST performance:

1) I don't understand how to use the SUB receiver on a band other than what the
MAIN rx is tuned to.  Menu option 5 seems to imply a CROSS band SUB rx
capability, but enabling option 5 doesn't seem to make any difference - I still
can't put the SUB rx on a different band from the MAIN rx.  What am I doing
wrong, or what don't I understand about option 5 ?

2) This one is really stretching, but I thought I would ask ....  The receive
AF DSP seems to operate only on FSK.  Is there any way to put all that
horsepower to use on receive CW or SSB ?  As a CW/SSB contester, it seems like
a terrible shame to not be able to use the receive audio bandwidth shaping
capabilities of the AF DSP.

BTW, I feel that the 950SDX is a great radio, priced somewhat less than an
FT-1000D.  Contrary to the feelings of other contesters, I love the ability to
independently choose different filters in the different IFs.  And, of course,
the 950SDX does not suffer from the receive audio problems inherent in the

Steve London, N2IC/0
n2ic at dr.att.com

>From k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek K2MM)  Wed Oct 11 19:29:57 1995
From: k2mm at MasPar.COM (John Zapisek K2MM) (John Zapisek K2MM)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 95 11:29:57 PDT
Subject: CQP E-Mail Logs
Message-ID: <9510111829.AA28020 at greylock.local>

Randy asked this question about sending CQP logs via e-mail:

> [Randy/K5ZD]  What file format do you want the logs in?

Since several others have asked, it seemed useful to share the answer
with everyone.

Any ASCII format will do.  Please prepend your summary sheet.

If your file contains non-printing characters, then your mailer program
may decide to encode its contents.  This is a pain.  If you're using CT,
the best bet is probably the ARRL format.

Sorry, we can't handle .BIN files yet.

73.  --John/K2MM

P.S.  The e-mail address for logs is cqp-1995 at kb.org.

>From Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com>  Wed Oct 11 21:11:45 1995
From: Pete Soper <psoper at encore.com> (Pete Soper)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 16:11:45 EDT
Subject: CQP score rumor
Message-ID: <27645.9510112011 at earl.encore.com>

 Operator : KS4XG
 Category : Single Operator, Low Power
 Default Exchange : # North Carolina
 MODE   BAND   QSOs      Mults
 SSB     40      3        0
 SSB     20     85       42
 SSB     15     30        3
 Totals        118 x 2 x 45 = 10620 points

 Icom 735 @ around 100 watts, tuner, homebrew 20 meter 2 element 
 quad type antenna used on all bands. Latest version of CT.

 Thanks to the organizers for a fun contest.

 It was nice to find 15 meters usable for a while on both days.

 What I want to know is how many secret bonus points the California
 operators earned by running the loudest stations 500 hz from each
 other for hours at a time? The astonishing aspect of this was the way
 you folks never seemed to answer the wrong station. I recall one
 episode where two of you were right on top of each other or maybe 50
 hz apart and I still managed to work you both. It must be the timing
 of the reply to your "CQ" that you keyed off. I was very impressed.

 Still too green (i.e. cowardly) to call "CQ" even for the half hour when my
 signal was booming (in a little pistol kind of way) on 15 meters on Saturday
 for a half hour. Heaven knows there was plenty of room on that band! 

 I got faked into a dupe when I failed to check a callsign because a new 
 operator at the station had a very very highly processed female voice while 
 the previous voice on that frequency had been male with OK processing.
 Always check! The second operator's voice was so hard to understand that it
 took a few seconds for the "we've worked before" to ping pong into my gray
 matter and I'm sure I sounded pretty doofus with a very long delayed "OK".

 Couldn't figure out how to log county line stations with CT (I just put in
 a second QSO with same received call/#), nor how to delete a dupe caused by 
 fumbling an extra character into a callsign. Editing the files by hand to
 rejigger everything seemed pretty silly.  I did know to avoid "fix_mine"
 (for serial number type contests aka "hose_my_log_please").  Need another
 pass through the manual as I've got to be missing some things here. But CT 
 sure beats the paper logs and manual dupe lookups. And I was really tickled
 by the fact that it displays better frequency resolution than the radio's
 display.  Tuning finer than 100hz with the 735 was always a bother but now
 I can use CT to get it "spot on".

 Finally, for Field Day next year I'm going to charge batteries with the 
 "natural power" from rectifying the signals coming in from the Texas contest 
 stations. If what I was hearing from Texas during CQP was off the backs of
 their beams I feel I'll have no trouble at all getting enough energy when they
 are pointed my way part of the time.

Regards and :-) of course,

Pete Soper  (psoper at encore.com)    KS4XG        1+ 919 481 3730,  481 3868/FAX 
Encore Computer Corp  901 Kildaire Farm Rd  Cary, NC 27511  USA    grid FM05oq

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