Rad Shack DSP

genunn at mmm.com genunn at mmm.com
Wed Oct 11 11:21:28 EDT 1995

> I saw a bunch of traffic recently (within the past few months) about the 
> Radio Shack DSP unit, but can't find anything in my archives.
> Local store has them on clearance - any comments for use on the 
> second/S&P contest radio? I have an IC-725, which doesn't have the best 
> filtering...

I've had one for a few months and like it a lot.  My IC-701 also has leaves
something to be desired in terms of filters.  This little DSP helps me a lot
on CW.  I haven't done enough SSB to judge its usefulness there, other than
to say it does a great job of elliminating carriers.

Overall, it was well worth the $50 I paid.

Greg AA0XZ


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