Station/Operator registry

WX9E at WX9E at
Thu Oct 12 16:35:17 EDT 1995

These are the stations / operators who have offered their 
expertise and or stations for guest operators so new guys
can gain some experience and hopefully get motivated to 
op more contests.  I have no DX stations, only stateside.  
The focus of this magazine / column is WORLDWIDE, not just
stateside.   I'd like to see some DX stations offer to help
newcomers.....   PA6WPX, OT5T, G0KPW.....  how about letting
a new guy come and watch / listen to a multi-op, or even help
hunt for mults on 10m or something....  And I haven't heard 
from the est coast big guys either?  The more the better.

In no particular order....

K4VX/0         AC5CT
K1KP             K1VR
N6TR/7         N7UJJ
NX0I              W8AKS/6
K1ZX              K5ZD/1
K7FR              K8JLF
K9SD              K9ZO
KA4RRU          KE3Q
W8FJ             W8FN
WA0PUJ         WB5VZL
KF9PL            N0AX/7

Anyone else?    I'll post another list next week sometime
with the QTHs of the stations.   Anyone that is interested in 
operating  the upcoming CQWW and/or Sweepstakes contests 
that doesn't have a station to op from, let me know and I'll
see if I can hook you up with someone.  The 10m and 160m 
contests are also coming up in December.

Paul  WX9E

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