No more printed contest rules in QST?

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Subject: Re: No more printed contest rules in QST?

>> Of course, the BOOK will be a necessity for serious competitors
>> who have invested $$$ into their competitive stations.
>> Personally, I think this makes sense.  Why subject newcomers to
>> the detailed fine print?  Most beginners just want enough information
>> to participate without sounding like a lid.  I think this will result in
>> more participation.
>How much you want to bet that the book of rules will not be a very
>hot item in the ARRL book store? Bet most will operate the contest
>from memory, or old copies of QST, or the beginers guide to the contest.
>73, Jim, WA6SDM
>jholly at

Or how about sticking *all* the contest rules for the whole year in the
annual 'pull-out' section, with the schedule of operating events, band
allocations, etc. in the January issue?

Maybe I missed an earlier post... what is HQ's argument for removing
the rules? To make more space for advertising? Because 'most people'
aren't interested? I mean, if you stretch the point, why put in all
those mathey-matical details and ekwa-shuns in those technical
articles? Why not just describe what the circuit does in one-syllable
words and say, 'see the 1995 Circuit Book for details?'

73, Len

LEN - what technical articles in QST ????  They were removed from QST
many years ago (now in QEX) - as a scheme to defraud us Life Members
who thought we were getting those technical articles forever.  At least
QST is still in business - my life sub to Ham Radio died totally, and I
don't get anything to show for it!!   This seems to suggest that QST should
create a contest-oriented magazine to contain the rules, just like QEX
contains the technical articles..........

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

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