Things that no longer get published

Fri Oct 13 08:41:05 EDT 1995

  Kok Chen, AA6TY:

  "They can spend pages and pages on warm and fuzzy non-technical
  articles [do people really read those _wasted_ pages?], but can't    
  spend an occasional page or two for contest rules.  Amazing...truly  

Good question... do people REALLY read that fine print in the Section 
News buried between the useful articles and the advertising pages?  
You know the stuff... columns and columns of out of date abbreviated 
drivel that attempts to list every ham who did anything in support of 
his Section four months ago... squash it!

  "And what about the minutes of the board (bored) meetings?  Does     
  anyone read those?  I'll bet they take up more space than contest    

... and the annual financial report that's printed with four images to 
a page... THAT belongs on the League's BBS or Home Page where 
interested parties can download a life-size version and the rest of us 
can ignore it.

Bob, ki5ez

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