No more printed contest rules in QST?

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Fri Oct 13 14:30:12 EDT 1995

TO: ARRL......
Take this as friendly advice from a businessman who has spent most of his
life pleasing the public.... YOU ARE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG......

It saddens me to see the ARRL continue to shoot itself in the foot by
following the advice of so called 'marketing experts'....The ARRL no longer
operates as a fraternal organization of Amateur Radio Operators, rather it
behaves exactly like the TV marketing arm of Time-Life books... Can I expect
to see Ed McMann pitching the "ARRL Contest Rules Book", for only $9.95, and
if I hurry you will throw in a set of windshield wipers and a car wash mitt
?...  And, maybe some Ginsu knives for a Christmas bonus ? ...  
As members we expect the ARRL to behave in a fiscally, prudent manner, but I
have to say that its behavior has reached the point where it is
indistinguishable from simple greed...
I can assure you that I will not pay to purchase a book of rules for ARRL
sponsored contests.... I strongly suspect that most others will feel the same

The full text of all ARRL sponsored contest rules can, and should be, be
printed in QST... I note that MFJ has _40_  pages of advertising in the
November issue...  This is a big billing for QST... Explain to me why you
cannot afford to print a few pages of contest rules...

Zack...  I recognize that you do not set the editorial policy of the ARRL...
Please show this note to those who do...


Dennis O'Connor

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