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The CT-USER mailing list has moved.

The new address is:

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The new -request address is:

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Mail sent to the old address will forward to the new address until
November 3, at which point it will probably STOP working.

It will take a few days to get everything back to where it was.  For
example, none of the file archives have been copied over.  But you can
anonymous FTP to:


in order to find the country and master database files.

There will also be some people who think they are subscribed and they
are not.  I am going to manually re-subscribe all the changes that I
know of.

Sorry for the sudden notice, and sorry it's so close to contest time.

Thanks to Lyndon, VE7TCP, for hosting this list.  At last count, it
was up to 453 subscribers.

73 - Jim AD1C
reisert at eng.pko.dec.com

>From floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd)  Mon Oct 23 23:20:50 1995
From: floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd) (jim floyd)
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:20:50 -0400
Subject: JARTS I
Message-ID: <199510232220.SAA13449 at larry.infi.net>


Compiled by

                         SCORE       QSO'S     PTS    DIST    DX
Single Op/All Band

Call          Age
AA5AU          38       203,337       572     1329      81    72
OH2GI           ?       131,131       403      917      31   112
WA4ZXA         47        79,968       344      816      50    48
W7LZP          52        78,213       374      841      67    26
OH2LU           ?        76,738       282      629      96    26
PA3ERC         34        61,560       235      540      27    87
K7DSR           ?        32,980       202      485      48    20
VE6KRR         33        18,315       151      333      45    10
KQ4QM           ?        14,190       111      258         55
KB5HVN         41        12,960       139      288      37     8


Call          Age

N1JIT          99        18,480       152      330      40    16


I'm back. This is the first posting of the JARTS Scores. I am sure 
this will not take as much bandwidth as CQWW did. Will probably only
post it once or twice. If the demand is more then I will increase
that. Have to get ready for CQWW SSB this weekend and hope I get the
job of posting their scores.

One comment about the contest. Someone must do something about the 40
meter band. It has become almost useless below 7.100. Hard time working
anybody between 80-90 due to SSB and when I went down to where JA's 
can operate I got chewed up by CW. I respect everyone's right to the 
band but something needs to be done. This is just my opinion.

Look forward to working everyone in the CQWW SSB. Also a special tnx
for everyone who gave me a contact in the contest.

73's Jim // WA4ZXA

Packet:   N4ZC
E-Mail:   floydjr at nr.infi.net

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