K5GA to Shave His Head!!!

KB5YVT at aol.com KB5YVT at aol.com
Tue Oct 24 15:24:45 EDT 1995

Yes its confirmed.....

If Billy wins CW SS he will have his head shaved at the W5 Bash next year
before CW SS 96' !! (If he still has any hair!)  I also hope to get the
station owner, N5RZ, to agree to shave his!  In the event he wins, the second
place finisher will be the shaver!!  So who sez you don't get anything for
second place!!!

To talk him into this deal I had to agree to have mine shaved in the event I
won LP,  Fat Chance!!!!

So Big Guns,  Mr. Bill is going to be tough to beat this year but... maybe
you can be the one that skins his dome!!!

73 es Good Luck!

Mike KB5YVT (W5NN)

>From Steven.Gabriels at rug.ac.be (Steven Gabriels)  Tue Oct 24 19:42:02 1995
From: Steven.Gabriels at rug.ac.be (Steven Gabriels) (Steven Gabriels)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 19:42:02 +0100
Subject: CQWW 28 and 29 oktober OT5A
Message-ID: <9510241842.AB29922 at eduserv.rug.ac.be>

Hello everyone,

There will be a contest on the 10 meter band SSB on the 28 and 29 oktober
(this weekend!) under the call:

and this from Belgium.

73's, Steven ON1CKH

>From Bill Turner <wrt at eskimo.com>  Tue Oct 24 10:26:48 1995
From: Bill Turner <wrt at eskimo.com> (Bill Turner)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 09:26:48 +0000
Subject: CT-USER Mailing list has moved!
Message-ID: <199510241627.JAA00222 at mail.eskimo.com>

I'm really sorry to see this change.  Several months ago Lyndon booted me
off his DX reflector because I agreed with someone who posted a statement
about wanting to establish a newsgroup for DX.  His attitude is not
conducive to open discussions.  Disagree with him and you're history.

73, Bill  W7LZP
wrt at eskimo.com

>From Steve Steltzer <steve.steltzer at paonline.com>  Tue Oct 24 22:52:21 1995
From: Steve Steltzer <steve.steltzer at paonline.com> (Steve Steltzer)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 21:52:21 +-100
Subject: Promoting NAQP participation
Message-ID: <01BAA25D.04F47DA0 at slip75.paonline.com>

Copy of msg to AA5B:

Hi Bruce,
	How time flies when contest season approaches! I had posted an idea about 
participation certificates for NAQP ala Sweepstakes back some time ago. 
KA2AEV's post on the V26B certificates (what a devious - and wonderful - 
idea) jogged my memory. I was hoping someone would pick up the ball and run 
with it, but apparently not, so I will. I am offering to design and print 
participation certificates for the CW NAQP's *IF* NCJ (or anyone else) 
springs for the postage. We can make them incremental like IARU, or like SS 
- 100 Q's gets you the paper. I prefer the incremental approach, then they 
may stick around long enough to find me,  :).  If it's too late to 
publicize it in NCJ and QST for the Jan. running, then we can start in 
August. I can supply Bob with the certificates before he starts the log 
checking - scoring, or he can send me a list when he's done.
	How about some more volunteers? Like an editor type to write a blurb for 
NCJ/QST? And someone to sponser certificates for the phone portion?

Let me know if you want to carry through with this. Sooner the better if 
we're gonna shoot for Jan.
							73,  WF3T 
           	steve.steltzer at paonline.com

>From Richard Wilder - K3DI <wilder at clark.net>  Tue Oct 24 23:55:58 1995
From: Richard Wilder - K3DI <wilder at clark.net> (Richard Wilder - K3DI)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 1995 18:55:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: (CQWW rules) What's K3EST EMail address?
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.951024183637.13011B-100000 at clark.net>

I would like to CC to K3EST the results of what folks THINK THE CQWW
RULES SAY about using multiple operators AT A HOME LOCATION where some
are not club members.  I should have sufficient replies by tomorrow.

I am multi-single and you wouldn't believe the number of ways 
folks figure what score can be reported for the club when some of
the operators on non-members.  For example, some say X.2. which 
apportions the score applies only to DXpeditions and other say it
applies also to home stations.

Would you like to enter your comments?  (I will exclude calls in the 
results.)       73, Dick Wilder, K3DI    wilder at clark.net

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Wed Oct 25 01:02:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 19:02 EST
Subject: Florida SS Challenge
Message-ID: <15951025000251/0006492564PK3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

The great Florida Contest Group Pizza Challenge history grows. 

N4BP started our clubs Sweepstakes history off last year with a
challenge to K1ZX posed at a club meeting in Melbourne . The first
Florida Contest Group intraclub SS CW challenge of N4BP vs K1ZX
was celebrated in conjunction with the Miami Hamboree. 

After the dust settled AC1O had mentioned, and again yesterday
mentioned, that there should be an opportunity for the Class A
guys to go for the pie, too! 

How to level the playing field for the A precedence (Low Power)
guys vs the A (Not quite Soup yet) guys???????????????
.............he mentioned a 1.25 multiplier as an equalizer.   

I hereby extend to AC1O acceptance of his SS CW challenge. I also
restate a previously accepted challenge from "B" entrant WC4E. I
accept the 1.25 multiplier for the class A scores, and a 1.0 mult
for B power. Class "A" guys will take their final score and
multiply it times 1.25 to get their "equivalent" score. If you are
another Floridian who would like a piece of this pie...let me
know...or better yet, mebbe you would like to challenge WC4E or
N4BP....you get the drift.

As always, topping selection shall be at the discretion of the
winner...do they offer Lobster? 

                Sweepstakes Sweepstakes (Pizza Pizza)

                        Jim, k1zx     ("B" Power/South Florida)
                                k1zx at mcimail.com

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Wed Oct 25 01:21:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 95 19:21 EST
Subject: W5NN N5RZ and K5GA domes
Message-ID: <01951025002110/0006492564PK2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

If K5GA gets his head shaved guess he will have to ask for an FCC
610V and that new call from FCC:

                        K 0 J A K


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