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Thu Oct 26 21:48:21 EDT 1995

 George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at> wrote:

>If some weight is added to the mast a foot above the end going
>into the tower the center of gravity can be lowered.  This
>would allow the 10 foot gin pole to be used.  Once the end of the
>mast is safely inserted into the tower, the weight can be removed.

TILT ( no pun intended) Be very careful with this approach!!!! The 
original poster was trying to put a 25' mast in place. Unless I 
miss my guess I would say that this mast probably weighs almost 
200 lbs by itself since I suspect that it has pretty thick
walls for that length to be useful. Adding more weight to it to
counterbalance it puts a lot strain on the GIN pole. Most Gin 
Poles and hams too for that matter aren't "tooled" to handle
250 to 300 lbs of mast!! I'm not saying this approach won't work
Its just that there are probably safer ways to do it.


>From Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at  Thu Oct 26 21:52:00 1995
From: Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW" <gswanson at (Swanson, Glenn,  KB1GW)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 16:52:00 EDT
Subject: Zone Map
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Bob, You said:

"I hate to disagree, but Alabama is in Zone 4 along with TN, KY, an OH."
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here's the way I see things...

Your station (in TN), and Sim's (in AL) are both in * FCC call district * 
four (4).

The states in FCC call district (area) four are: FL, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, VA 
and KY.

(BTW, Ohio is in FCC call sign district 8...ITU zone 8 and CQ zone 5.)

You're in CQ zone 5, however, and you're in ITU zone 8.

73! Glenn, KB1GW
(In FCC call area one, CQ zone 5, ITU zone 8, ARRL Section CT, County 
>From: rwerner
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>I hate to disagree, but Alabama is in Zone 4 along with TN, KY, an OH.
>Good luck,
>>Hello Sim,
>>Alabama is in CQ zone 5 (as is most of the US east coast).
>>[Your * ITU * Zone is 8]
>> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>>"Middle" of US is CQ Zone 4
>>"Western" US is CQ Zone 3
>>Caribbean is mostly in CQ Zone 8 (and/or 9).
>>Alaska is in CQ Zone 1
>>Hawaii is in CQ zone 31
>>Europe is mostly in CQ Zones 14, 15, 16 and 20
>>Sources: ARRL Operating Manual
>>                  ARRL DXCC Countries List
>>                  ARRL World Map (26" x 34.5")
>>73, de KB1GW
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>>>From: C Sim James, KK5EA
>>>Subject: Zone Map
>>>Date: Thursday, October 26, 1995 1:41PM
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>> ---
>>>Guys es Gals,
>>>        Where can I get a list or map of the cq zones?  I just realized
>>>that I don't even know what zone I am in much less the rest of the 
>>>If there is no such internet resource can someone at least inform me as
>>>to what zone I am in here in AL.  I don't think I have ever operated CQWW
>>>so the question has never come up.  It wont be a real huge effort I have
>>>the military flight aptitude test Sat. morning and that is something I
>>>must be awake and alert for.
>>>73 es tnx,
>>>Sim, KK5EA/4
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>From w7ni at (Stan Griffiths)  Thu Oct 26 22:17:05 1995
From: w7ni at (Stan Griffiths) (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:17:05 -0700
Subject: Tower Surgery
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>If some weight is added to the mast a foot above the end going
>into the tower the center of gravity can be lowered.  This
>would allow the 10 foot gin pole to be used.  Once the end of the
>mast is safely inserted into the tower, the weight can be removed.
>George, W2VJN.


I'd be real careful about adding any weight to an already probably
overweight mast.  Standard Rohn gin poles are really put to the test with a
20 foot steel mast as it is.

Stan  W7NI at

>From Larry Tyree <tree at>  Thu Oct 26 22:54:29 1995
From: Larry Tyree <tree at> (Larry Tyree)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:54:29 -0700
Subject: Zone Map
Message-ID: <199510262154.OAA23833 at>

Alabama is in zone 4.  West Virgina is in zone 5.  Wyoming and Utah
are in zone 4.

You just can't tell what CQ zone someone is in by the prefix.

Tree N6TR

>From Danley, Tad" <Tad.Danley at  Thu Oct 26 22:12:00 1995
From: Danley, Tad" <Tad.Danley at (Danley, Tad)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 17:12:00 EDT
Subject: wives, kids, contests...
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Watch those comments, guys...there is a new reflector which automatically 
forwards any messages posted here containing the following words:

wife, ex-wife, spouse, XYL, YL

to the new reflector sponsored by N.O.W. and Cosmo magazine:
nogood.contesters at

73, Tad, NZ3I

>From kp4xs at (Kenneth Ramirez )  Thu Oct 26 23:01:38 1995
From: kp4xs at (Kenneth Ramirez ) (Kenneth Ramirez )
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 15:01:38 -0700
Subject: Wife,kid,contest
Message-ID: <199510262201.PAA27230 at>

off at me. She even gets pissed at me while she's sleeping and I'm on 
the air. It's just another reason for her not to want sex with me.
 Contest season= no sex season at KP4XS
   I'd still trade her for a 100 ft tower. Even swap.
 As Al would say,"Oh God help me..."

>From rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi)  Thu Oct 26 22:58:25 1995
From: rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi) (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 95 17:58:25 EDT
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...

In a previous message, you wrote:
>So we're having a peacefull evening at home last night watching the Braves
>make waste of the Indians...  The XYL asks "So when is the next contest
>after this weekend?".   The following weekend, I respond....   $&@#!@#
>Gee...  Am I the only one who has an XYL that even after 9 years of this
>routine forgets the schedule?  Actually, I think her mind went when she gave
>birth to our son.  Ever since then, any contest is too many contests!  God
>forbid there should be 2 in 2 weekends.
>I'm working on my contest schedule that I will paste to our refridgerator.
>The following rating system will be in place:
>***** = Definately operating from now until I die.
>**** = More than likely operating.
>*** = Could operate, more than likely a phone contest.
>** = Doubtful
>* = Never
>*****  CQWW CW & SS CW, CW Sprint
>Any other ideas appreciated.

This is only my second year at contesting, but my eighth at
marriage (still a puppy).  Since I would not mind at least getting
nominated for Father of the Year (or Husband of the Year) I find
that a little give is in order.  We've got a calendar on the
refrigerator with all kinds of stuff marked on it including
contests I will and would like to work.  There are also weekends
where my wife will be sewing or craftfairing or whatever.  If we
are doing her weekends together, fine.  If not, then I am doing
something with our daughters (soon maybe a son will be added to
the mix).  I see no reason why Laurie can't get the same kind of
breaks-in-the-routine that I get.

This doesn't make things rosy ALL of the time, but a little
understanding and cooperation goes a long way.  Laurie is a CPA
and busts her butt working at home, with the kids there all but
one day a week, bringing in the extra dollars it takes these days.

We even break up the weeknights regarding who has primary
responsibility for getting the kids ready for bed.  It works for

I hope this doesn't sound accusing or snitty.  I don't have the
time at the moment to really read it through with the wordsmithing
skill Tom applied to his sloper note a bit earlier (as if I was
that good anyway!!).

CU SS (CQ WW not on the schedule this antenna is better
       suited for domestic contests)

73 de N1PBT...Ron  (rrossi at ><>

>Bill "no votes for father or husband of the year" Fisher, KM9P
>Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.

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