Tower Surgery

Thu Oct 26 23:27:44 EDT 1995

On 26-OCT-1995 12:24:53.3 00tlzivney said to JKAHRS


   > Anyway, some of the earlier suggestions included temporarily removing
   > rungs from the tower.  Don't have AB105; am using Rohn 45.  So, if I
   > hacksaw one horizontal rung and one Z (diagonal) rung in order to
   >squeeze in the twenty-four foot mast, WHERE should I remove these rungs?
   > Obviously, I need to remove them at least 24 feet up the tower, but
   > should the rungs be removed near a guy bracket, midway between guy
   > brackets, or what?
   > Also, how would you guys replace the rungs up in the air?  Altho my
   > buddy suggested getting a welder cum monkey to make these welds in
   >the air, I am wondering about making replacement rungs from heavy-duty
   >steel angle irons U-bolted around the legs of the tower.  Any insights
   > Thanks.
   > Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9

I have a HyGain 52 ft self-supporting tower that uses a "cut" diagonal as a
means of getting the rotor (AKA rotator) into the top section.  When in
place, the diagonal is closed by usting an aluminum tube and clamps.


73, Hank/K2UVG
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