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Fri Oct 27 11:42:41 EDT 1995

A recent study in the official journal of sunspot interpretation 
(Sunspots n' Stuff) has revealed these startling results.

1. There is a direct correlation between sunspot levels and whining about
being able to operate a full weekend without interruption.

2.  As the number of wives approaches the ordinal position of 3rd, the 
quotient of complaining decreases and the coefficient of cooperation rises.

3.  People with more than one radio or computer suffer this malady more
often than people without.

4.  Many people dont care to operate a full weekend when the sunspots
approach the almost negative regions of 70 or so. (i.e. they dont 
complain much)

5.  The author of the article mentioned above is the benefctor of point 
number 2 and can operate and guest op to his hearts content which more 
than makes up for not being a member of number 3 and most of the time
operates with number 4 in mind.

6.  All flames can be directed to the sender of this message-you can't
scare him - he teaches middle school and is already nuts!

7. Smile and enjoy life-there aint no DX in heaven !

>From Bill Standerfer <bills at>  Fri Oct 27 15:51:16 1995
From: Bill Standerfer <bills at> (Bill Standerfer)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 08:51:16 -0600
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...
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Jeff (When you have the best you don't need the rest) Bouvier K1IU wrote:
>        Wow! Am I fortunate... When I tell my wife I have a contest
>on a particular weekend she says: "Is there anything special you
>want for meals?" She delivers all my meals to the shack and makes

Every time this thread comes up I, too, think how fortunate I am.  My wife has
pretty much the same attitude and offers support and encouragement, including a
very willing hand for tower and antenna work (from the ground!).  I'm sorry
the rest of you guys aren't as lucky, because these seemingly few wives who
are supportive of this silly hobby are true gems.

I may have created a problem, though.  We've been married almost 24 years and
last year she finally gave in to the pressure and got her no-code tech so we
could communicate on 2M (a substitute for a cell phone).  A couple of months
later she passed the code test.  Well, she did quite a bit of operating during
Field Day and was getting pretty good at picking the signals out of the 40M
junk by the end of the non-contest.  I mentioned recently that the 10M contest
was coming up and that she should think about trying it on her own.  That
planted a seed and now she's thinking about some 10M work for this weekend.
Great!  But that single op station I've been carefully putting together may
have to be changed to get in another operating position.  :-)

So, if you hear KB0QVC on 10 this weekend, give her a call.  Hmmm... I wonder
who'll end up with the FT-1000 and who gets the old Icom??


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