Force 12 C3

Fri Oct 27 17:05:02 EDT 1995

It seems that Force 12 has some good antennas based on the comments noted on
this reflector.  So I am considering getting one of the C3s for CONTESTING.
Can anyone supply me with a copy of Force 12's C3 antenna assembly manual.  I
have their catalog and have seen all of the ads but want some more details
before I spend my family's entertainment budget (reference the thread on
Wifes, Kids, and Contests) on another "XXXX!" antenna.
I will be glad to send SASE and pay copying cost.

Good Luck to everyone in the CQWW SSB CONTEST this weekend.  I will be
operating single band, single op, low power on 10 only.  Hope there is some
decent propagation this time.

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL 

>From George Daughters" <G.DAUGHT at Forsythe.Stanford.EDU  Sat Oct 28 00:26:28 1995
From: George Daughters" <G.DAUGHT at Forsythe.Stanford.EDU (George Daughters)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 16:26:28 PDT
Subject: ct/775 help

Dear contesters,

I've got an opportunity to use the new ICOM 775 DSP
for CW sweepstakes.

I have been using an IC 738, which has worked perfectly
with CT9.22, telling CT it was a 737, and changing the
address on the 738 to "3CH" which, I guess, is what CT
is looking for.  As I said, it works great.  This may be
of use to other contesters who have moved to a 738.

I tried the same scheme on the 775, setting the 775
address to 3CH, but still telling CT it was a 737.
No dice.  It tells me "ICOM radio timeout." Any hints?
Do I need to tell CT it's some other radio?  Do I need
to fix the adress? Help!

If anyone has solved this for the IC775DSP, I'd sure
like to know about it.  When I've got a solution, I'll
make it available to anyone else who asks.

For now, I'd sure love it to play correctly for the
SSCW contest next weekend!


g.daught at


>From N6IP Bob Wolbert" <n6ip at  Fri Oct 27 22:00:27 1995
From: N6IP Bob Wolbert" <n6ip at (N6IP Bob Wolbert)
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 21:00:27
Message-ID: <9509278148.AA814852827 at>

I am trying to help a friend build the Kenwood computer interface
described in the QST article but am having no luck in locating
the NEC PS2501-1 optoisolators that are shown in the schematic and
don't really want to pay a second source dealers price.  Does
anyone know of a suitable substitute part or have a data sheet
on the 2501 that I could use to find an alternate part?  Maybe
someone knows of a different circuit that uses different parts?
His rig is a TS450S/AT.  Any help would be appreciated.


73  KC5DVT   Wayne     email...ehayes at
Austin, Texas


Don't worry abt that, Wayne.  Use any opto, or even just a transistor. 
Isolation really is not necessary--unless u find noise or ground loops, etc,


>From morpheus at ()  Sat Oct 28 10:38:54 1995
From: morpheus at () (morpheus at ())
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 09:38:54 GMT
Subject: cqww ssb
Message-ID: <m0t94uu-0002vGC at>

Hi all,

  I'm work this contest as multi/singel with ik2ncj(luca) I hope we will work
yu all in the 20/15/10m 48 hour.

qsl via bureau or direct by cba.

thank you

9K2HN                     | E-Mail: morpheus at                      |
Hamad Al-Nusif            |--------------------------------------------------<
Kuwait City               |    This space is intentionaly left empty         |

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