IC-738 and Heil boom mike

jlb at earthlink.net jlb at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 28 03:25:13 EDT 1995

About 2 or 3 months ago someone on the reflector posted how to modify the mike 
preamp circuit on the IC-738 so you could use a heil boom mike without having 
to run the mike gain wide open. Would anyone who has that information please 
E-mail  it to me?


>From w7ni at teleport.com (Stan Griffiths)  Sat Oct 28 10:48:26 1995
From: w7ni at teleport.com (Stan Griffiths) (Stan Griffiths)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 02:48:26 -0700
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...
Message-ID: <199510280948.CAA14750 at desiree.teleport.com>

>***** = Definately operating from now until I die.
>**** = More than likely operating.
>*** = Could operate, more than likely a phone contest.
>** = Doubtful
>* = Never
>*****  CQWW CW & SS CW, CW Sprint
>Any other ideas appreciated.

Yes, Bill, I have another suggestion.

List every contest you can find on your schedule.  This will put the few you
want to operate in the correct perspective.

" Gee, Honey, I COULD operate all of these contests, but, for you, I am
making this tremendous sacrifice . . ."

This is the kind of thinking that comes from 30 years as a salesman . . . I
think they call it a sales pitch.

Good luck.

Stan  W7NI at teleport.com

>From ve9dx at mi.net (ve9dx)  Sat Oct 28 13:51:25 1995
From: ve9dx at mi.net (ve9dx) (ve9dx)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 09:51:25 -0300
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <199510281251.JAA04519 at itchy.mi.net>

Now heading to the VA9DH contest site for CQWW .  A little late but better late than never.  FYI the VA9DH operation is a Multi-Multi operation.  There are several operators from the U.S. plus the usual Canadians...VE9DH,DX,GJ,MAG,MY,
WH.  Hopefully we will find a bunch of you in the logs after it is all over.  Best of 73 Andy
VE9DX  (Ex: VE1DX, VE1ASJ etc)

>From H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu  Sat Oct 28 16:07:19 1995
From: H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu (H. Ward Silver)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 08:07:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Spousal Contest Conflicts
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9510280819.C9390-b100000 at bach.seattleu.edu>

The technique that often saves the day for me is the CALENDAR!  You know,
the one on the refrigerator, masquerading as lowly eye-candy, but is in
actuality the Master Time Tyrant of the Household.  As soon as you put up
the new one over the holidays, RUSH to mark down all those weekends of
battle in which you intend to engage.  DON'T forget to start on Friday and
label times, including the off time on Sunday (makes it look a little
better out here on the Left Coast).  Most of my contest-induced misery
comes from the "surprise" element..."Didn't I tell you about the contest
this weekend?" is a sure-fire disaster.

It's really just common courtesy, you know.  Imagine your spouse suddenly
springing a full weekend of somewhat disruptive activities on you! 
"Honey, Christo's coming over tomorrow to drape the tower with pink
rip-stop nylon and giant orange poodle dogs!  It will be up all weekend...OK?"

Also, if you can balance the number of weekends spent on the air with a
commensurate number of weekends spent on family time, the contest weekends
might be less begrudged.  Gotta keep those Ham Radio Points piled up!

CU in CW SS!

73, Ward N0AX

>From rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi)  Sat Oct 28 18:45:06 1995
From: rrossi at VNET.IBM.COM (Ron D. Rossi) (Ron D. Rossi)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 13:45:06 EDT
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...

In a previous message, you wrote:
>Yes, Bill, I have another suggestion.
>List every contest you can find on your schedule.  This will put the few you
>want to operate in the correct perspective.
>" Gee, Honey, I COULD operate all of these contests, but, for you, I am
>making this tremendous sacrifice . . ."
>This is the kind of thinking that comes from 30 years as a salesman . . . I
>think they call it a sales pitch.

Funny you should mention that...I printed the contest schedule off of
KA9FOX's homepage the other day and when I was picking through the
contents of my briefcase this morning before coming into work I
kinda-sorta left the two and a half pages sitting on the kitchen
table rather than bring them right down into the shack.  It doesn't
hurt to get the "My there are a lot of contests! I am sure glad he
doesn't work all of them." bug in the brain.

73 de N1PBT...Ron  (rrossi at vnet.ibm.com) ><>

>From John Scott <va3pi at pathcom.com>  Sat Oct 28 21:13:16 1995
From: John Scott <va3pi at pathcom.com> (John Scott)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 16:13:16 -0400
Subject: Canadian Contest Championship 1994
Message-ID: <9510282013.AA28689 at pathcom.com>

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"


Once again all of the results are in for the Canadian Contest Championship. 
The tablulations have been done and checked.  I don't think there are any
errors;  I sincerely hope not.

This year's overall winner with a score of 280 points is Sam Ferris, VE5SF. 
Our congratulations to Sam.  Runner up was Paul Dunphy, VE1UK with 264
points, VE6JY was third with 235, VO1SF had 228 and the 1993 winner, VE3RM
was next.  The remaining members of the top ten are: *VE2AWR, *VE7IN, VO1MP,
VE7NTT and *VE9ST.  (The asterisks indicate Call Area Certificate winners.) 
The other Call Area winners are VY2SS, VY1JA, VE4VV and VE4YU (tie), VE8KM
and VE8NC, (also tied).  Not very far from the top ten category, relatively
speaking was our QRP winner, a repeat winner, Tim VE6SH.  Congratulations to
all of the winners.  Certificates will be in the mail just as soon as I can
get them done.

This years results included over 300 Canadians who entered at least one
contest during 1994.  As was the case in 1993, the top contesters got a lot
of points from entering the popular contests like the ARRL DX Contest, the
CQWW and WPX tests and RAC's Canada Day and Canada Winter Contests.  Starting
this year, 1995, it will not be possible to win a certificate unless at least
4 contests are entered.  There is still time!  Applying this rule which was
new for 1995 to the 1994 Championship would have removed three winners for
lack of participation. Again, I urge everyone who participates in any of the
listed contests to submit an entry.  Please do this, it benefits everyone

For those unfamiliar with The Canadian Contest Championship, it is sponsored
by The Canadian DX Association (CANAD-X) in order to generate interest in
contest operating among holders of Canadian Amateur Licenses and to provide
a measure of the performance of Canadian Contest operators.  The championship
is based upon the published results of 17 contests held throughout the
calendar year.  The top placing Canadian entrant gets a number of points
equal to the total number of Canadian entries in the given contest.  The
station placing second gets one less and so on.  In the end, we count the
best five scores for each station to level the playing field.  It is required
that there be at least 10 Canadian entries in order for a particular contest
to be counted for the Championship.  Beginning with the 1995 Championship, 
an operator had to enter at least 4 contests to be eligible for a

Certificates are awarded to the top finisher overall and to the top finisher
in each Canadian Call Area from coast to to coast, providing there were at
least 3 entries from a particular area.  Where results are available we keep
track of QRP standings as well and award a certificate to the best QRP
operator.  Complete rules for the 1996 Canadian Contest Championship follow.


The Canadian Contest Championship is sponsored by The Canadian DX Association
(CANAD-X) in order to generate interest in contest operating among Canadian
Amateurs and to provide a measure of the performance of Canadian Contest

ELIGIBILITY: The Canadian Contest Championship (CCC) is open to any Canadian
Amateur operating from a Canadian location in the Single Operator
(Unassisted) Mode in any of the contests listed below.  There is no specific
entry form required.  Each Canadian participant in one of the listed contests
enters CCC automatically by submitting an official entry to the sponsors of
any of the contests.  Please submit your entry no matter how small it may

CONTESTS: Participation in the following contests will count, if there are at
least 10 Canadian entries:

     ARRL 160m CW   ARRL 10m       CQ WW SSB      CQ WW CW
     CQ WPX SSB     CQ WPX CW      CQ 160m SSB    CQ 160m CW
     Canada Day     Canada Winter  IARU Radiospt  RSGB IOTA 
     Commonwealth Contest

SCORING: Results will be taken from the published results of each contest.
The station placing first in each contest will receive a number of points
equal to the number of entrants in that contest.  The station placing second
will receive one less point and so on, the last station receiving one point. 
All band, single band, SSB and CW entries will be listed together.

The final score for the Canadian Contest Championship will be the sum of the
best five scores of each entrant.  To be eligible for an award,  an operator
must enter at least 4 contests.  It would be very much appreciated if
operators who use special calls or prefixes notify the undersigned at any of
the addresses below, so that proper credit may be given where due.

AWARDS in the form of a certificates, will be presented to the overall winner
and to the winners in each Canadian Call Area,i.e. VE1-9, VO1, VO2, VY1 and
VY2, provided there are at least three entrants from an area.  Where
possible, QRP (less than 5 watts) operators will be listed separately and a
separate QRP Certificate will be awarded.

The results will be published in Long Skip, via Packet Radio and the Internet
Contest reflector just as soon as possible. 

Questions/suggestions may be sent to
     John Scott, VA3PI,
     c/o Box 717, Stn Q,
     Toronto, Ont, M4T 2N7

     Packet radio VA3PI at VA3BBS.
     Internet     va3pi at pathcom.com

Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"


>From Bob Crossland <bcross at telerama.lm.com>  Sat Oct 28 17:16:57 1995
From: Bob Crossland <bcross at telerama.lm.com> (Bob Crossland)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 1995 20:16:57 +0400 (EDT)
Subject: Contests, XY*L, Kids...
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9510281918.A16864-0100000 at tusk.lm.com>

Now keep in mind, I'm not complaining as my wif*e is pretty understanding
when it comes to contesting, but I have definately learned to avoid
"the edge".  That's right, the dreaded edge!

Every year I go away for a long weekend in a cabin somewhere in the woods
of PA for the PA QSO Party.  I also go away for a long weekend to work
Field Day (you know, the non-contest) at N3BGV's Dad's place in 
Johnstown, PA.  

Well, last year I suggested that I might go to a friends house in West 
Virginia to work SS.  I think what came out of my mouth was "honey, I'm
going on the road for a couple of months with a nationally renowned
porno troupe".  The intensity of the stare was the only indication I
needed to tell me, yes, I reached "the edge"!  I gave out Western PA
last year.

Barb really is good about my contesting (she brings me meals and listens
to me whine about not getting a sweep since I don't have a tower and 
bla, bla, bla.....), but I always try to avoid the edge.  

Good luck everybody in the 95 contest season!

Best Regards,

Bob, N3IXR

(By the way, note the "*" in XY*L and wif*e?  That keeps the N.O.W. scanner 
from intercepting it!  And they think us hams are stupid?)

>From SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>  Sun Oct 29 05:05:00 1995
From: SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca> (SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 95 22:05:00 -0700
Subject: N.O.W scanner?
Message-ID: <8B3E52D.00650002C0.uuout at lun.lis.ab.ca>

Hi all.
Just wondered what this thing called the N.O.W scanner is--something to
do with eliminating x y l type of thing? I don't know, but would like
Good dx.
de Shawn

>From n6ig at netcom.com (Jim Pratt)  Sun Oct 29 16:30:59 1995
From: n6ig at netcom.com (Jim Pratt) (Jim Pratt)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 08:30:59 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Signal reports, please!
Message-ID: <199510291630.IAA06762 at netcom9.netcom.com>

We finally got the 40 meter stack functioning properly at the W6GO 
station...I would appreciate any signal reports comparing W6GO's 40 meter 
signal to other W6/7 stations during CW SS.  Drop me a note here, please 
don't take time to tell me when you are working me during the CONTEST...

( I hope this message doesn't violate KA9FOX's "Rules of Reflector 
Etiquette" regarding advertising of contest operations <grin>! )

And no, I don't think it works well enough to say I will shave any body 
parts Monday morning other than my (face's) cheeks and my chin...

73, Jim   N6IG

>From Cedric.Baechler at com.mcnet.ch (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN)  Sun Oct 29 22:26:59 1995
From: Cedric.Baechler at com.mcnet.ch (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN) (Cedric Baechler HB9HFN)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 95 22:26:59 met
Subject: 1984 CQWW Phone
Message-ID: <199510292141.WAA25915 at mail.mcnet.ch>

>For those of you trying to plan your strategy for CQWW Phone, get a hold of
>some logs from 1984 CQWW Phone.  That contest was the last CQWW Phone that the
>solar flux was as low as it is now.  1984 was a pretty horrible year - the
>first half of the year had many days with the flux in the 125-180 range.  By
>CQWW Phone, the flux was down to 69.

Hello from HB9!

It was not so bad this week-end for the CQ-WW. On 21 Mhz with a vertical
(AP8) + linear I worked VK6, FK, KH0, Caribbean, XE, D2, ZS, J2, A6 etc.
The 10m band was also open (JA, XZ (yes!), etc).

The DX-Expedition in Myanmar was very active. Worked XZ1A on 7 and 10 
MHz. Heard them on 14, 24 and 28 MHz.

cu and 73 de Cedric, HB9HFN

>From Bill Straw <0007359114 at mcimail.com>  Mon Oct 30 02:20:00 1995
From: Bill Straw <0007359114 at mcimail.com> (Bill Straw)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 95 21:20 EST
Message-ID: <30951030022003/0007359114PJ3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

       WB0O  Single op, High Power

   BAND   QSOs   Z    C         ANTENNA
   160     17    8    7     INV-L
    75     81   21   37     ELEVATED 4-SQUARE

    40    131   27   66     ELEVATED 4-SQUARE

    20    249   30   85     TH7 @ 50'
                            FORCE 12 DXer @ 50'
    15    252   24   73

    10     53    6   12
          783  116  280  =   845,856

A serious 35 hour effort from the geographic center
of North America.

Total EU opening in 15M was 3 hours

Total EU opening on 75M was 1 hour.

  73  BILL WB0O  in Northern North Dakota

>From floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd)  Mon Oct 30 01:51:16 1995
From: floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd) (jim floyd)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 21:51:16 -0400
Subject: CQWWSSB Scores
Message-ID: <199510300155.UAA16140 at larry.infi.net>

I was there are 3830 after the contest. I was unable to get the scores off
the air. K1MNH took them I think. I told him I needed them for here and he
said he would get them to me. So if anyone can help him to get them to me it
would be great.

You can start sending the scores to me or post them. It does not matter to
me. I will try to do this in as much detail as possible. Remember you can
only put so much on here. I had thought about doing two different posts. One
with the just the scores and one with more of a breakdown. Oh well, I guess
I will just start putting them on here and then everyone can flame me and I
will do my best to correct the problems. 

73's Jim

Amateru Call  WA4ZXA
Packet:       N4ZC
Email:        floydjr at nr.infi.net

>From George Cook <george at epix.net>  Mon Oct 30 02:03:30 1995
From: George Cook <george at epix.net> (George Cook)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 21:03:30 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Wifes, Kids, and Contests...
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951029205916.14460A-100000 at peach.epix.net>


My wife simply draws the line at operating in the contests anymore!
But she will let me have like 10 guys come over and hang out in the bedroom
She lets me put up as many antennas as I want
Climbs my tower to fix my quad
Frames all my awards
Washes my clothes
And isists on having wild sex after the contest is over

Sorry not for rent!

Umm Why not try this operate as a hired gun at a big MM for a few tests 
and let the crew know EXACTLY when your contests are that you will op 
from the house and put your foot down about that.

Or you could get a new family I suppose but that can be pretty expensive.

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at peach.epix.net  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From n6ig at netcom.com (Jim Pratt)  Sun Oct 29 22:34:33 1995
From: n6ig at netcom.com (Jim Pratt) (Jim Pratt)
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 14:34:33 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 20 meter SSB observations
Message-ID: <199510292234.OAA29381 at netcom5.netcom.com>

Two observations regarding spectrum efficiency as I wandered the 20 meter 
"blood alley" handing out QSOs to the deserving:

At 2058Z:

KM3T  14150.4
N4ZC  14151.3
KY1H  14151.5

This went on for quite a while, from time to time either KY1H would tell 
N4ZC "the frequency is in use" or vice versa.  And yet they remained...

At 2139Z:

14275:  AA2Z calling CQ (and working a lot of DX) atop the K1MAN/IARN 
monologue.  Gee, I wonder if this will result in a nasty letter to the 
league (maybe K1MAN thinks this is part of an ARRL conspiracy)?

I hope all had fun.  73, Jim  N6IG

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