William Osborne wosborne at
Mon Oct 30 08:51:03 EST 1995

I would like to hear from people using sidemounted rotators and ring 
rotators.  What brands, how well do they work and how much do they 
cost?   THANKS for the help!
William Osborne
wosborne at

>From De Syam <syam at>  Mon Oct 30 14:05:40 1995
From: De Syam <syam at> (De Syam)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 09:05:40 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CQWW SSB: K3ZO Results and Comments
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951030084121.661B-100000 at>

Herewith the line score for K3ZO single-op all bands unassisted

         Band        QSO      Zones   Countries

          160         13         7        10
           80        148        15        51
           40        187        20        66
           20       1118        32       119
           15        769        27        96
           10         17         3         4
        TOTALS      2252       104       348    =   2,903,196

The contest started off with a tornado warning in effect for this 
area, heavy rain and precip static on all the Yagis.  The 4-el Quad
sure was great to have in this case especially!   However I should
add that 40 meter sigs from Europe were so strong that the precip static 
on my 40 meter Yagi wasn't really bothersome by comparison.

160  two half-slopers off 140' tower
 80  3-el KLM Yagi @ 140'
 40  3-el Telrex Yagi @ 94' (46' boom)
 20  6-el Telrex Yagi @ 150' 
 20,15,10    4-el W6PU dual-driven Quad @ 78'

I started off with the TR logging program I normally use but due to
configurations made on my computer since the last contest TR ran out of 
RAM after 67 QSO's.  (NOT TR's fault).  After one and a half hours of 
downtime trying to correct everything I finally loaded a version of CT 
7.22 I had around and from then on everything was fine.

15 and 20 were so good this time that I looked around less for 
multipliers than I usually do.  It shows in the score, but, anyway, I had 
600 more QSO's and 600 K-points more than last year.  Probably due to 
conditions, not strategy.  

Interesting to note the difference on 20 between my 4-el Quad at 78' and 
the 6-el Yagi at 150'.  The morning run is usually better on the high
antenna for the first hour and then begins to change, with the lower 
antenna taking command after about 2 hours.   Then during the afternoon 
opening the quad is a monster antenna but at about 2000 GMT the path to 
Europe shifts and the high antenna becomes the better one again, but to 
get maximum benefit from the opening you have to beam at 75-80 degrees 
from then on!   This was the first time that I stayed with the European 
opening until the bitter end in the late afternoons on 20 and my 
multiplier total shows the effect of not looking around more for mults, 
but it may be a better strategy to take the Q's where you can get them 

Off to HS in a couple of days, back just in time for CQWW CW.  In the 
meantime look for me on the bands as HS0ZAR.

No SS for K3ZO this year!  No fights with the unwashed on 75 phone!  I 
love it!

                                       Very 73,

                                       Fred Laun, K3ZO


>From Lee Hiers <0006701840 at>  Mon Oct 30 14:13:00 1995
From: Lee Hiers <0006701840 at> (Lee Hiers)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 09:13 EST
Subject: 2-Radio audio switching
Message-ID: <60951030141306/0006701840DC1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Hello Everybody...

Hope you're not as hungover from CQWW as I am!  I apologize in advance
for any incoherence in the following...

My question is for you folks who use two radios at once and in your RX
audio switcher you use a resistor between the channels so you have some
cross-fed in Right Radio in Right Ear with a small amount in
Left Ear and vice versa.

What value resistor would you recommend as a starting point?

End of question.

Now, some of y'all might be interested in the switch I found in my
junkbox the other day.  It looks like a guitar pickup selector.
Standard pickup selections are A-Both-B, which sounds very much like
what one would want for RX audio choices.  Anyway, it looks like it will
do the Left-Both-Right switching passively with one switch only, so you
may want to find a music store with a good selection of spare parts and
see if you find anything useful.  BTW, I think my switch is for a stereo
guitar, which you would need to split the audio between different
ears...regular (mono) switch could cause insanity!

HEY, I just realized....I got an extra hour of sleep this weekend....I
feel _much_ better now!!!

73 de Lee
aa4ga at

"I ain't changin' my call...I'm shcizo enough as it is"

>From km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)  Mon Oct 30 15:13:09 1995
From: km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.) (Bill Fisher, KM9P  Concentric Systems, Inc.)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 10:13:09 -0500
Subject: KM9P 15M CQWW Score
Message-ID: <199510301513.KAA26548 at>

 1124 QSO's  X   28  X   115  =>  465,322

Field day style with a Honda generator.  

IC-761, SB220 (700w)
6/6 (36' booms) top rotates, bottom fixed to EU.  60' / 25'
5 element (36' boom) at 33'

Saturday I was getting beat out to almost every European by every W1, 2 and
3.  You guys up north have us when the A & K are low.  Sunday seemed better.
Very few JA's on Saturday night.  Heard KC2X in Florida running JA's that I
couldn't begin to hear.  Mixed feelings about the performance of the
station... some would say I was very loud and yet I would wait in pile ups
to the NE.  WX4G had same comments after the contest, so maybe it was

Clipperton-L smoked on Friday night.  Had the SB220 because I knew one or
the other would crap out by the end.  Did some antenna work on Sunday when
it got slow in preperation for next weekend.

See you from N4RJ's with the amps QRV.  Just can't stay away from the SS!



Bill Fisher, KM9P   -    Concentric Systems, Inc.  

>From alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker)  Mon Oct 30 15:10:57 1995
From: alan at ES.COM (Alan Brubaker) (Alan Brubaker)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 08:10:57 -0700
Subject: CQWW
Message-ID: <199510301510.IAA08144 at greely.corp.ES.COM>

K6XO (+KI7WX) Multi-single 

160  80   40    20    15  10     Total

12   29   28   255   242   1      567
 5   16   14    75    58   1      169
 5   11   12    27    26   1       82

   ==  388,046

Highlights:  Working HG75DX on 40 meters a few minutes before the end of the contest,
working HC8A on 20 in the last half-hour (wotta pileup!), hearing 20 so wide open
Sunday afternoon.

Lowlights: Not hearing any signals on 10 meters until Sunday afternoon, and only 
making one QSO there, not being able to spend more time in the contest.

Thanks again to Mark who came down for a while on Saturday morning.

Alan, K6XO

alan at

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