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Bitch ...bitch......bitch...!

If only I had all those euro's calling me... I would put up with any two
letters they wanted to give me!!!   :-)

73  Mike KB5YVT @ K5XI 

>From floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd)  Mon Oct 30 23:16:53 1995
From: floydjr at nr.infi.net (jim floyd) (jim floyd)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 19:16:53 -0400
Subject: CQWW SSB Scores I
Message-ID: <199510302321.SAA20957 at larry.infi.net>

To All: This was sent also with breakdown but seems no one got it.
I believe this will answer most of the questions. You will get two 
posts, this one and the breakdown one. Let me know if you do not.



Compiled by

CLASS                 SCORE       QSO'S      PTS       Z       DX


WB0O                 845,856       783               116      280
KF0DJ                453,968       618      1669      89      183
W2UP                 260,928       333       906      77      211


WA4ZXA               655,596       730      1918      90      252


K3ZO               2,903,196      2252               104      348
VS6BG              1,344,350      2078               111      211
K1FWF                303,800       359       980      91      219
N9BXM                154,700       355       910      45      125
N4XSE                 80,055       220                42       93

Single Band


KM9P                 465,322      1124                28      115
KJ6HO  LP/UN         253,930       674                32      102
WA0RJY LP/A           98,576       345       976      26       75  
KO9Y                  96,188       692                28      111






K6XO                 388,046       567                82      115



First let me say thank you to everyone for letting me do this. Now 
for some comments which should help in the future.

Please send me your class completely. Try to send it like it is on 
this sheet. If there are any breakdowns I missed please correct me.

You will notice in the single band that there is un/a beside a call.
This of course means Unassisted and Assisted. I am not sure this is
a true class or not but I put it that way so people will know. Also
I will only put HP or LP beside call and not make two classes. Trying
to cutdown on bandwidth.

Finally I know some of the scores do not look right. I will and repeat
will only put down what you send. I will not change anything unless
told to by you. Please do not flame me for any mistakes except for 
typos. If scores are wrong email the call. Feel free to send me mail
and I will correct anything about your score or class.

This is the first rough draft of this and I am trying my best to make
it work for you. Any suggestions to improve it will be appreciated. 
Look for the breakdown sheet for more info.

73's Jim // WA4ZXA  @N4ZC   <>  floydjr at nr.infi.net

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