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Mon Oct 30 22:28:01 EST 1995

As I sat combing my assigned band for mults I came across a rather
humorous situation involving the infamous "last two".  A semi-rare DX
station was besigned by CONTEST and DX junkies.  Feeling a bit 
overwhelmed, he was going by the "last two".  I'll pick it up from here 
with direct quotes:

DX:	"QRZ CONTEST DX1BIG, last two letters"

US:	"Uniform Uniform"

DX:	"Uniform Uniform you're 5-9 oh seven"

("UU" was actually a two by one US call ending in "U")

US:	"Whiskey Kilo Zero Uniform, You're 5-9 oh four"
	(Not the real call)

DX:	"Whisky Kilo Zero Uniform Uniform 5-9 oh seven"

US:	"No, no!  Only one Uniform" (gives call again)

DX:	"Whisky Kilo Zero Uniform Uniform 5-9 oh seven"

US:	"NO, NO!! Only one Uniform.  You asked for the last two and
	since I only have one letter I decided to double up to crack
	the pileup!"

I split a gut laughing and inadvertently emitted my approval of
the contest chili in the shack.  (Blended well with the smell of BO
and hot amplifiers in the stale air!)  Guess this goes to show that
 "last two" doesn't always work as advertised.  My reaction
accurately summarizes my feelings on "last two", unless it's the
last two 807's I drink before I pass out...

73 de Fubar
Canine Victor Victor (Last two real letters actually the same...)

>From George Cook <george at>  Tue Oct 31 04:45:10 1995
From: George Cook <george at> (George Cook)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 23:45:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Wifes, Kids and other accesories
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951030234211.28998A-100000 at>

In regards to the recent thread on this I dusted off an article that I 
wrote for my monthly coulumn in our local club newsletter.  I hope you 
enjoy it and by all means show it to you wife.  Permission hereby granted 
to republish this in a club newsletter so long as you mail me a copy of 
it to my CBA.

Gender Specific
Those Xceptional Young Ladies
I am sure that what I am about to say, is so completely politically 
that it will draw almost instant criticism form several nationally based 
women's groups not the least of which the YLRL but here goes:
Most Hams are men.
I am not exactly sure of why this is a fact but it is.  I think that 
it is because a Yeasu looks ridiculous with a lace dust ruffle around it, 
perhaps because AES doesn't have February white sales.  Regardless of all 
that most hams are men.  But that doesn't mean that the girls aren't 
involved in this hobby.  Far from the case.
Your wife, girlfriend, mom are one of the most important opperating 
in your shack.  Firstly I never knew a Ham that was not by nature a mess 
cat and a pack rat.  (an interesting conglomeration of species!)   And 
it not for those special ever patient ladies you would be most certainly 
drowned in a sea of wire scraps and old electronic parts.  They have a 
way of 
tolerating to a point or eccentricities without allowing us to go over 
line into self destruction.
It takes a special breed to cohabitate with an amateur radio operator.  
most just don't cut the salami.  They are constantly being awakened at 3 
am to 
go to Hamfests or being beleaguered with your less than exciting tales of 
how you just worked lower slobovia on 160 meters into a loaded bed 
And woe be it to her who is married to an HF contester!  Just what most 
women are looking forward to a house full of  unshaven screaming maniacs 
that SHE is supposed to cook for.
The point of all this is that our girls are blessed with a level of 
and patience that rivals that of Mother Theresa.  In fact I think we 
probably could wig her out given enough time.  See I just don't see old 
out in the yard helping with that latest antenna project, holding onto a 
nylon guy rope with the instructions "If it starts to fall that way let 
it go and if it should fall your way run like hell!".  I have however 
my wife do that, I just kind of wish that she would have ran a little 
quicker, maybe she wouldn't  have gotten hit with the darn thing.  
Which brings me to the charming N3SWA and all of the other duly licensed 
Yls on the air.  What charm grace and poise they bring to our other wise 
technoid locker room.  In any given pileup you know that they will be 
out first.  If only to bring a few moments of silky grace to our ears.   
Team N3OWG put Bonnie in charge of the VHF station during the PA QSO 
and know what? She generated nearly 12,000 points on her own!  
Check the scores fellows did you do as well?  Guess it shows we are not 
sole owners of tenacity and drive after all.
Actually having your girl get her license is a double edged sword.  On 
the good side they gain an understanding of that undecipherable gibberish 
you speak and can now nod there head knowingly as you bore them. 
On the downside you will not be able to fool them into believing that 
you bought that 2 year old TS950 for $75.  At the very least if they say 
that they believe you expect to be hit with the line "great then you can 
afford to get me than cute little HT I've been wanting"  (these girls are 
NOT stupid!)  And there is that little matter of the congestion in front 
of the rig  in the evening, which is a double whammy if you have only 
one bathroom also.  (this is something to  which I am an acknowledged 
expert since the male to female ratio in my house is 1.3:6 and we HAVE 
only one bathroom)
All in all I would have to say a hearty hats off to the girls of Amateur 
radio!  We couldn't do it with out your love, support and above all 
For this we give your our sincere respect and in some cases condolences.  
You are a special bread of lady and yours is high in the rank of heaven.
Oh yeah and I was looking at this new FT1000 in the catalogue and I was  
thinking................................    de AA3JU

* George Cook   AA3JU  Bangor, PA  FN21         *
* george at  AA3JU at N3IQD.EPA.USA.NA *
* If you're not FRC remember:...............    *
* .......There's no shame in being 2nd best!    *

>From Jack Fleming <oolon at>  Tue Oct 31 05:41:05 1995
From: Jack Fleming <oolon at> (Jack Fleming)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:41:05 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Last two letters...
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951030213603.21441A-100000 at>

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995, Randy Thompson wrote:

> People seem to be insistent on using just the last two letters when they 
> call.  This is now part of the culture.  (It's actually not bad at times, 
> although never as good as giving the whole call.)

Makes me want to barf...

> But, we need to have a convention as to which two letters they are 
> giving.  It should always be the last two letters of the call.

Well....  On the incredibly rare few occasions when I want to catch a 
station's attention with a quick call (rather than unraveling the 
entire W A 0 R J Y monster...) I always use "Romeo Juliet".  It seems to 
be more "natural" than Juliet Yankee - Romeo and Juliet just seem like 
they were meant to go together.

> I hate those guys who give the middle letters, since I have to do so many 
> keyboard gymnastics.  Type two letters.  Press home key.  Type first part 
> of call.  Arrow right twice.  Then type last letter.  Ugh!  Not to 
> mention how much more work it is to build the call using super check 
> partial this way.


> When I say last two letters, I mean it!

Never, ever say "last two letters" and your problem is solved.  And 
always come back to a complete call even if the two letters are stronger.

> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
> k5zd at

Jack Fleming, WA0RJY ex-CN2JF ex-CT1/WA0RJY   oolon at
Seattle, WA   DON'T PANIC! 

>From Steve Merchant <merchant at>  Tue Oct 31 05:55:16 1995
From: Steve Merchant <merchant at> (Steve Merchant)
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 1995 21:55:16 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Reports on FT1000mp and IC-775dsp??
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951030215349.23403B-100000 at>

Yes, and what about the TS870?  In casual operation it made the other two 
seem pretty tame.  How did it do in combat?  Thanks!

73, Steve  N4TQO
merchant at

On Mon, 30 Oct 1995 ki3v at wrote:

>   Wonder how the new FT-1000mp and the IC-775dsp rigs worked this
> weekend???   Problems....Comments...??    
>  Thanks !    Rich KI3V/7   Nevada
>    CU in SS!!
> **********************************************************
> Richard Hallman               ki3v at
> 11870 Heartpine St           
> Reno Nv  89506               ki3v at w7ta.#nonev.nv
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