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Wed Apr 3 17:25:25 EST 1996

Its really funny on here sometimes...I've seen guys caught hook, line, and
Contest season is OVER :-(  LIGHTEN UP! / GET A LIFE! Go fishin', chase the
YL around the shack, fix the lawn mower, plan summer aluminum upgrades, R E
 L  A  X !!

and read a thread a couple of times to try and find out the mood of the
author before going off half-cocked and inserting foot in mouth. :- O

By the way...the announced merger of PVRC into FRC is official as of April 1,
WELCOME TO LPL and the guys from south of the border (Delaware border)!
We should really help your SS and NAQP scores and naturally you'll keep us on
top of the CQ and now the ARRL DX scores. Our combined 10 DXPeditions for
ARRL should be awesome!    
                              73 de Doug // A51DX

>From Dean Norris <dnorris at>  Wed Apr  3 22:57:56 1996
From: Dean Norris <dnorris at> (Dean Norris)
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 1996 15:57:56 -0700
Subject: Power and dBs: Dr Baffoonik, where are you?
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At 12:54 4/3/96 -0700, you wrote:
>I know the good Doctor Baffoonik can clear up this highly complex debate
>about power and dB. Where are you Doc?

It certainly is within his power limits HOWEVER, he kept reducing the powers
so as to remain legal by using just enough power to make his point but
unfortunately there came a flare and he faded out!  BTW, The good Dr.'s real
name is dB Cooper?

           C. Dean Norris
      Amateur Radio Station K7NO             
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